Project LBZ Part 2

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August 2015 Build, Duramax Jeffrey V. Shirts

Recapping Part I

In part one of Project LBZ in our May issue of Diesel Tech, we started by removing the engine from the compartment, stripping it down, and installing a Sinister Intake Tube, a welded water pump, a Cat Fuel Filter adapter, a fuel rail plug, stainless steel up pipes and we replaced the head studs and the head gasket. Most of this work was preparatory work to ensure the engine would be able to handle the increased power we’re planning to add to it.

Increasing the stock horsepower of a truck from roughly 350 to a target of 650 can be difficult and tricky, as 650hp is just about the cusp of what most transmissions can handle before the clutch plates start to slip and burn, causing expensive internal damage to materials. To nearly double the horsepower of a truck, it is necessary to increase both the air and fuel capacity and flow throughout the engine, thus it was necessary to replace stock parts with specialty parts, specifically designed to handle the increased power.  

Working together with partners throughout the diesel industry, our goal is to unlock the truck’s full potential, and—with the help of Idaho-based Custom Auto Diesel Performance who we’ve trusted our build with—we’re already off to a great start.

In Part Two, we continue to work under the hood in out stripped-down LBZ. With preparations ready to handle increased horsepower complete, we move forward installing injectors, manifolds, a compound turbo kit, a transmission rebuild with a deeper transmission pan and a rear differential cover.

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