Ram EcoDiesel 1500 Making You Sick?

Ram Acknowledges Problem

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UPDATE: Spokesperson Eric Mayne of FCA stated that the fix is comprised of "swapping out an exhaust coupling that may exhibit tiny cracks in response to specific resonances from the 4x2 driveline" and only in the EcoDiesel model.

He repeated that FCA was aware of the problem, and that cost of repair was free, and that the problem posed no safety hazard.

Amid reports that driving the Ram EcoDiesel is causing people in the cab to feel sick or intoxicated with headaches and coughing fits, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, known as FCA, acknowledges that certain 4x2 1500 EcoDiesels are leaking exhaust into the cab. FCA maintains that they do not need to issue a recall, as they classify the problem as not being a safety concern.

“At its worst, you kind of feel like maybe you should pull over and not drive,” said Hank Vanderhulst, a Ram owner in California. “I don’t really want to drive my daughter around in a truck if it’s leaking anything into the cab. It’s that overwhelming of a diesel smell.”

“It got to be a choking diesel fume smell, and then I knew something was very wrong,” reported Chris and Renee Devore of Midland, Texas. Chris states that the problem began a few months after purchase with less than 3,000 miles clocked on the truck.  “You had to have the windows down.”

Along with these reports other complaints have been pouring in from multiple sources around the internet and web forums. At first FCA was reluctant to acknowledge the problem, pointing out that it affected too few vehicles to be a design problem; however, with the increased reports, in December of 2014, the FCA has released a technical bulletin.

Spokesperson Eric Mayne of FCA pointed out that the problem was localized to the 4x2 drivetrain EcoDiesels and not the 4x4. All required repairs will be covered by the manufacturer warranty, Eric Mayne confirmed.

Eric Mayne further noted that FCA’s internal testing demonstrated that the leaked exhaust poses no health risks to owners, despite the reports tumbling in through the internet. Mayne further pointed out that the carbon monoxide levels are below OSHA guidelines.

While the 1500 EcoDiesel has proven to be a popular truck, being the only truck to win consecutive Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year award, it is unknown how this technical service bulletin will impact the future of the truck or the ever growing niche of light and medium weight diesel trucks.

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