Northwest Dyno Circuit

The first ever dyno series

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The Northwest Dyno Circuit is the development and realization of diesel sports enthusiasts all over the Intermountain West region who have come together to produce a one-of-a-kind sporting series of 27 events for 2015. Custom Auto Diesel Performance is one of the most dynamic and progressive diesel shops in the industry, thanks to owner James Brendle and through his Idaho-based business has developed a close relationship with numerous diesel performance companies. For years, Brendle has traveled throughout the Intermountain West with his portable dynamometer as he’s supported diesel events throughout the region. In 2014 while working together with others in the industry, Brendle and his dyno team began developing the first concept and rules of a dyno circuit, in an attempt to finally prove which truck would truly post the most impressive numbers over a season.

“The whole idea of the circuit was to help the smaller shops and to bring more people to their events,” says Brendle. “With the sponsors who have come on board, and all the regular hosts who have agreed to do the events, we have really made this simple idea into something that has exploded. The response we have received from different people lets us know they are really excited and happy that a dyno competition is being put together.”

Improving Upon A Popular Sport

Dyno events have grown considerably in the last decade. With the rapid growth of the diesel market and aftermarket industry, more and more unique and customized trucks are debuting at sled pulls and drag races, which have long supported dyno competitions at their events as well. With impressive trucks comes the desire to have the best in class, to post the highest horsepower and torque and to prove their trucks are the pinnacle of aftermarket customization.

The Future Of Diesel Sport

The team at Custom Auto has grown with the venues over the past years. One of the phenomena the Custom Auto team discovered is that most performance diesel truck owners are willing to travel from venue to venue to compete in either sled pulls or drag racing, and more often than not, they also want to join in the standalone dyno competition that the Custom Auto portable dyno provides. Following the established point systems of the more popular diesel sports, Custom Auto created the Northwest Dyno Circuit to be a full part of the diesel sports competition series. Now, with the different relationships established—and a growing fan base for high-performance vehicles—the Northwest Dyno Circuit is perfectly poised to complement existing diesel sports and, more importantly, bring stability and rules to the competitions.

“What impressed us the most about the Northwest Dyno Circuit is the rules system,” says Lenny Reed, owner of Dynomite Diesel. “People are always trying to find a way to gain the advantage in dyno competitions, and now we have a clear set of rules to determine what is and what is not legal in the competition.”

This was important to Reed, as he understands that in order for dyno competitions to grow into a legitimate sport, it requires an attitude of safety first. It’s undeniable that part of the growth and success of dyno events have been when the unexpected occurs. Engines smoke, parts are blown and fires can erupt. While these are exciting, it is a concern for the health and safety of those participating and watching the event.

The Northwest Dyno Circuit rules are designed to work together to create safe practices on the dyno to promote the sport. Keep in mind that rules are especially important as dyno events push the horsepower and torque envelopes of trucks like no other. With the rules, the dyno circuit will push truck owners to reach high horsepower, but keep trucks running for the next event in the series.

“Dyno competitions are great opportunity to promote diesel sports,” says Ryan Gelinas, the sales and marketing director at ATS Diesel. “We joined the Northwest Dyno Circuit to help organize the chaos and to be part of the first dyno circuit.”

The biggest news of the season might just be the discovery of who will be first to post 2,000hp. With trucks from ATS, BD Power, Bully Dog, Custom Auto, Edge and more, it’s no longer a matter of if, but rather when someone is going to break that 2K horsepower barrier.

The intended consequence of the Dyno Circuit is to encourage not only stock truck owners to see how their trucks perform and compare to others—while giving them ideas on what to improve on—but to also encourage dyno regulars to complete the series.

“I feel like the circuit will attract a lot of stock owners who will then have the desire to add more power and parts to their trucks,” says Diesel Tech Publisher Greg Larsen. “Also, a point series demands they keep their trucks running.”

Northwest Dyno Circuit Finals October 10

The entire series will culminate at Idaho Falls in Idaho in October. This event will crown the point leader in the series, the competition leader of the event, and award other various prizes. A dirt drag is also planned. This event will draw the highest performing horsepower trucks from all over the Intermountain West in one place to finally crown the king of the dyno.

“I think it gives the diesel industry a lot of exposure and that is our goal,” adds Larsen. “We want to be behind any event that increases the exposure of the diesel community. And, I believe when the industry works together by supporting events, it creates more exposure and power.”

“I have participated in dyno events through thick and thin as it developed,” says Dmitri Millard, owner of No Zone Diesel, and a dyno enthusiast. “Now it’s our time to shine and to gather the crowds so people who have followed us and believe in us can partake. We will draw people in, we will grow the sport.”

Check back to for more information as the season gets closer. 

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