DT Install: Grid Heater Delete (Slideshow)

Longhorn Fab Shop has what you need

February 2014

Say goodbye to that ridiculously restrictive grid heater! Contrary to popular belief, the grid heater is NOT necessary for cold weather startup. The Longhorn Fab Shop Grid Heater Delete Plate for the LBZ and LMM trucks is a great install for Duramax owners. Don't accept the under designed factory grid heater and take a stand. This grid heater delete increases turbo spool up, fuel mileage, reduces EGTs, and allows you to easily port for a boost gauge, nitrous and water/meth. This is a great bolt-in piece that takes your truck to the next level.

At high boost levels there can be over 2 PSI of pressure drop across the stock and restrictive grid heater. A 2 PSI pressure drop means that your engine is seeing 2 PSI less boost than the engine is producing, resulting in a lower horsepower and torque number, higher EGTs, and slow spool times. 

Get step by step instructions in the March 2014 issue. Pick up a back issue by clicking here. Subscribe today and never miss another install!

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