The Warhorse Part 2

War for performance

January 2014 Michael Deulley

Blood, sweat, strategy and unyielding determination for victory: this is how a war is fought. This is how a truck is built. Troy Unruh took a 1996, 5.9L Cummins from completely stock and began his fervent struggle to build his Warhorse. Unruh started the war, but the heavy hauling Dodge wasn't about to go down without a fight. Starting his attack with the most formidable opponent, the engine, Unruh went under the hood and answered the call of the war for performance. With wrench in hand and an unwavering resolve in his mind, the battle began.

The second installment of our Warhorse build covers an engine rebuild, injectors, and exhaust. See a slideshow of images from the build below:

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