Ultimate Idler Arm For GM HD 2001-2010 Trucks

Published in the September 2013 Issue September 2013

Since the release of the 2001 chassis, GM trucks have had a notorious weak spot, the steering. GM’s transition from a fairly straight center link to one that looks like a set of bullhorns has created additional stresses on both the pit­man and idler arms. This problem is exacerbated when oversized tires and/or lift kits are installed on these vehicles. The results of which are increased part wear, and in extreme cases, breakage of steering components.

The Ultimate Idler Arm has shown in Finite Element Analysis testing to be 25 percent stronger and a whopping 270 percent stiffer than the GM part. The GM part starts to fail at a mere 800 pounds of pressure, while these bear­ings alone are rated to 1770 pounds each in static load, and 1150 pounds of thrust loading. Add to this the additional strength and lack of flexibility in The Ultimate Idler Arm, and part fatigue drops to miniscule levels.

Better yet, unlike the stock idler arm, this arm can be rebuilt with com­mercially available bearings from any bearing house, using simple hand tools. If you can change out your own idler arm, you can rebuild The Ulti­mate Idler Arm. Total rebuild cost: about $30 at full retail price.

The Ultimate Idler Arm comes with a transferable limited lifetime war­ranty. If The Ultimate Idler Arm ever breaks, simply send the arm back with photos before removal, and they’ll send you a brand new one.


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