Project LBMC

Ultimate Transmission Build

Published in the September 2013 Issue September 2013

Well Tested

When it comes to project LBMC, we have tested this truck beyond what most people would ever think of doing to it. Trial and error, broken part after broken part, we wanted to make this a truck that would truly be the ultimate tow rig.

After a few too many transmissions, it was time to get serious about this next transmission build. That’s why Ultimate Transmission out of Garden City, Idaho, was the only choice for us. We were so sick of being stranded because of transmission problems and fine print warranties that it was time to make this thing reliable. We contacted Ultimate Transmission and discussed all the details about what the truck was used for and how we wanted to be able to go anywhere in the country AND make it home under its own power. Unlike others who say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, Dave Fleenor and Matt Hiscox both assured us that unlike other companies who build transmis­sions as if they are on an assembly line (where potential problems can be overlooked), their transmissions are built one at a time and built to hold up to the kind of driving conditions we put project LBMC through. So after discuss­ing the rigorous beating this thing has to take and what this truck was used for, we dropped the truck off at UT to get started on LBMC’s ultimate transmis­sion. When we arrived at UT we were greeted with a hand shake. It was nice to be somewhere that cared about mak­ing a great first impression and not just a, “How can we help you?” attitude, the kind of place that makes you feel as if you are the one that needs help. We talked about what parts would be used and how those parts were going to make this the transmission that would make LBMC finally able to haul heavy loads across the country and make it a reliable truck again. After pulling the truck in and getting on the hoist, it was time to get started. First things first: pull the old transmission out and tear it down.

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