Part 1: GMC/Chevrolet


Published in the September 2013 Issue September 2013 Michael Deulley

LB7 Platforms

The LB7 (2001-2004) has gained no­toriety for its less than satisfactory fuel injector issues. The injectors seemingly have chronic premature failure, which has led to warranty extension and a rush for Bosch to redesign and create better-performing aftermarket injectors.

“The injectors tend to have a high return rate, which can kill performance and actually put the truck into limp-home mode,” says Lind. “They also develop leaks through the nozzle, which will show up as smoke and haze while at idle. Extreme failure can result in holes in pistons. If one of these conditions is noted, all eight injectors must be replaced. The real downside to the LB7 trucks is that they are the most labor-intensive injectors to do, taking about 13 hours.”

Lind also noted that the fuel fil­ter housings are often susceptible to premature failure, and are also the most expensive housing to replace.

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