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Darrell Moyers

Cleburne, Texas

When I bought my 2010, 2500 Cummins, I was already happy with what I had. I really wasn't the guy to go all out with upgrades, but after I rolled my truck at 75 miles an hour, the work to get it back on its wheels was already needed. So I thought, “Why not give it a little something special?”

When I began my rebuild, a new vision began to come alive. After repairing the cosmetic damage, I decided to put in a new custom exhaust system. The fenders needed replaced so I hooked up some custom dually fenders that completely out-shined my old, beat-up fenders. Next, I installed a new cold air system.

Since I was already starting to raise the performance, I decided to put in an H&S tuner for a little extra power and control. I threw on some Ultra dually wheels and 34/11.5x17 Toyo tires on the front to give it a little lift and with all of that, I got my Cummins out of the shop and back on the road. Not too long from now, this Texas beast will be back in the shop for a transmission overhaul and a set of dual turbos.


Troi Pickering

Fort Myers, Fla.


I use my 7.3L, 2000 Ford F250 as my daily driver, but I didn't care much for the stock look. I figured if I was going to have a truck as nice as this, I would need to do a little upgrading to get it looking as nice as it could be. A lot of people put a lift all around, but I decided to do a 4-inch lift in the front, leaving the back stock. I traded out the old Ford stock rims for 18-inch Monster XD rims, which now sit on new 35-inch tires.

When all of the exterior work was finished, I decided to go with a couple of performance upgrades and put in a K&N air filter and a Super Chips programmer. I went under the truck and installed a 6-inch exhaust tip with a 4-inch pipe. I figured if this truck was going to be a daily driver, I would need something to haul all of my tools and baseball equipment in so I added a nice-looking Weather Guard tool box in the back. I finished up with that for a while, but always have plans to do a little extra when I can. The way I figured, it was for a senior in high school, I already had the best truck around, why not ride it out for a while?


Tyeler Duncan

Millerton, N.Y.

I bought my 2011 LML Duramax back in June, 2012. When I picked it up, I was still a little skeptical. I had given up my LBZ for it and wasn't sure how it would work out for me. My LML was stock when I bought it and my dad had an identical LML of his own. I knew I needed to stick out. I started by switching out my stock exhaust with an MBRP 5-inch straight pipe fitted with a Diamond Eye down pipe. After that, I got under the hood and put in an S&B cold air intake.

I wanted to get a little more out of the LML, so I hooked up an H&S Mini Maxx tuner and an Alligator Performance LML Turbo Resonator. I also put in a 3-inch driver’s side intercooler tube. I added a modest Ready Lift 2.5-inch leveling kit and added new tires and rims to boot. After I started on the exterior, I couldn't stop, so I replaced all my lights with Smoked Recon lights. I gave the windows a 15 percent tint and added carbon fiber Chevy Bow ties. With the addition of the Road Armor matching bumpers and an AirDog II 165 fuel air separator system, my LML Duramax was finally the way I wanted to see it. I'm currently using my truck as a daily driver and use it to tow excavators and trailers for the family landscaping business. I’m very happy with my LML; it runs strong and has continued to prove itself.

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