Diamond's New Competition Diesel Piston

December 2012 News

For GM Duramax competition diesel engines, Diamond has announced new 2618 billet aluminum pistons to replace the original aluminum castings. While the truck-pull arena will be the main draw, these new pistons will also prove useful for ambitious weekend warriors, engaging in drag racing, off-roading and towing. But it is in the cut and thrust of truck pulling where Diamond believes these pistons will excel. As boost pressures exceed 50psi and billet aluminum blocks demonstrate their strength, Diamond has aimed for maximum structural integrity. They promote robustness throughout the full architecture of the piston, particularly the crowns and pin bosses, and they transfer the forces to the connecting rods via Trend's herculean H13 tool steel pins.

To resist high temperatures and pressures Diamond administers its hard-anodizing process to the complete piston. To combat potential piston damage from side loading and piston rock they apply a molybdenum coat to its skirt.

PH: 877-552-2112


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