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BeforeYou know that guy who goes to a wedding and when he's asked if he wants steak or chicken his answer is yes? I've never met Greg Lance before, but I have a feeling he might be that guy. That's not a knock on Lance, it just means the guy knows what he wants and he's not afraid to think outside the box to get it.

Sometimes in life we have to make compromises, but in this case the Washington state-native wasn't willing to settle for anything less than his idea of the perfect truck.

About five years ago Lance did something to his 2002 Ford F350 Super Duty that had some enthusiasts scratching their heads-he swapped out his 7.3L Power Stroke for a Cummins engine.

After buying the slightly used truck in 2003, he began pulling his fifth wheel trailer to the mountains on a regular basis.

"I really pushed that 7.3L kind of hard," admits Lance. "I like to get the most out of everything I own."

At the time his Power Stroke was making around 600 horsepower, but he kept having problems with it on these camping trips. After a couple of rebuilds he finally got fed up and figured there had to be a better way. He liked the look and style of his Ford; in fact, other than the problems he was having with his Power Stroke he really liked his Super Duty. It was at this time that he got an idea for a Ford/Cummins combination and that's when his FUMMINS was officially created.

"I get razzed a little by my Ford buddies, but I haven't had a single problem since the engine swap," says Lance. "I've put a lot of miles on her and driven all over the west and the truck runs great."

But remember this is a guy who doesn't like to settle, so it wasn't long before the idea of adding twin turbos crept into his mind. It was last summer while at a dyno event that he began to seriously consider taking his engine to the next level. Lance has done a lot of the work to his truck over the years because he admits he likes to tinker, but when he finally decided to take the next step, he decided to take it to a shop he trusted even though it is around 500 miles from his home.

While hanging out at the Adrenaline Performance shop in Shelley, Idaho, the FUMMINS truck caught my eye. Lance had contacted shop owner Cam Hulse to build the twin turbos. He had met the guys at Adrenaline at the summer dyno event and Hulse had offered to do the work if he was ever interested.

Lance received photos and updates throughout the process, but could hardly wait to see his truck in person. When the build was complete, the owner was extremely happy with the results.

AfterThe FUMMINS is back on the road now and the custom emblems continue to attract attention wherever it goes. For those hoping for a closer look, there's a good chance you'll be able to see this truck in action when the summer dyno events start taking place. Lance is rightfully proud of his FUMMINS and now with those twin turbos he can back up any razzing he might get from Ford or Dodge owners.

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