Is Dieseling A Hobby. Or A Way Of Life?

Published in the June 2012 Issue June 2012 News Ryan Harris

The staff here at Diesel Tech are involved in a few other niche magazines that cover a broad range of interests and recreational activities. It's interesting to see the differences between what some consider a hobby and what some consider a necessity.

Think about this: if you buy a boat or a side-by-side or snowmobile or something similar, how often do you get to use that piece of equipment? Every other weekend if you're lucky? If that's not you, you probably have a neighbor that fits that description.

But what about your diesel truck? We hope you're getting use out of that on a daily basis. In fact, most of our readers depend on their trucks for transportation or as a work tool every day. And on the weekends when you're finally using your recreational vehicles. you're also using your truck.

What I'm getting at is that the time and money you invest in your diesel pickup goes a long way. It's not a recreational vehicle that sits in the corner of the garage, staring you down with its monthly payment as you walk by wondering when the next time will be that you get to take it out for a day.

I say this because we just came off of an unusually sparse snow season. I watched as snowmobile enthusiasts spent thousands of dollars gearing up with new machines, aftermarket mods and gear only to wait for the weather to cooperate-which it did eventually out West-but only for about half of what a normal season would be.

For those of you who consider diesel performance your hobby or recreational activity, you're never let down by a short riding season. Never do you buy a new tuner or spend the weekend installing twin CP3s only to sit and wait six weeks for a good day to go out and drive your truck. Our guess is that what you install on your diesel on the weekend gets you to work on Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday. you get the picture.

So is diesel performance just another hobby? Well, some might call it that. But everyone on the outside is watching us with envy. We definitely get the most bang for the buck.

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