The most expensive trucks of 2011

September 2011 News

Utility can be expensive. Luxury can be expensive. Performance can also be expensive. Try to put all three together, and you'll wind up with the Most Expensive Trucks of 2011.

For the purposes of this article, we'll define "truck" as a pickup truck or SUV, as denoted in the Environmental Protection Agency's breakdown of Market Class.We'll identify the most expensive trucks by category: Pickups and SUVs, and we'll exclude commercial trucks from our survey. "Expensive" will be defined by the manufacturer's suggested retail price including destination, excluding any incentives or discounts. Special editions and factory options will be included in the total price. Our information comes from the car configurator at

A few decades ago, the idea of an expensive luxury truck was almost unthinkable. Trucks and SUVs were designed as work vehicles, and the idea of adding luxury features seemed in opposition to the vehicles' purpose. Then, in 1998, Lincoln debuted the Navigator, a full-size SUV based on the Ford Expedition. Cadillac responded with the Escalade, and the race was on for the luxury SUV. Ford upped the ante by including luxury features in a pickup truck and slapping on the Lincoln badge and aesthetic to create the Blackwood and the Mark LT, neither of which survived for long. But the concept of adding luxury features to a pickup truck lives on. It is now possible to order a pickup truck with heated and ventilated leather seats, a hi-fi sound system and state of the art navigation, for a level of factory-delivered luxury that pickup owners could only find in the aftermarket just years ago.


Maserati seems poised to debut an SUV concept car at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week. Rumor has it that Lamborghini is developing a successor to its LM002 SUV. The Porsche Cayenne leads sales for its brand -- by a wide margin. The luxury SUV, contrary to predictions to the contrary, is alive and kicking.

Fuel economy ratings and the general downturn in the economy may take the shine off of luxury pickup trucks and SUVs, however. Many of the most expensive trucks are also large and demanding to drive and park.

The diesel engine option is a costly one, but unavoidable for trucks that have to do serious work, like towing a horse trailer or fifth wheel. Expect to add another $8,000 to the bottom line in order to get a diesel engine and associated technologies.

There's no denying the utility of a pickup truck. For those who need the carrying and towing capacity of a big, diesel-powered pickup, nothing else will do. The question becomes whether or not to load up your capable truck with luxury and comfort features that do nothing to improve its utility.

Maybe the new trend will be toward more utilitarian trucks, and more luxurious compact cars. That way, you'll be more inclined to drive the fuel-efficient vehicle in your fleet, rather than the biggest one.

Until then, we'll have the most expensive trucks of 2011.



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