Sulastic Rubber Springs

June 2011 News

Sulastic Rubber Springs are an elastic suspension that dramatically reduces the vibration and shock caused by the leaf spring suspension (about 75 percent) improving safety and overall handling of the vehicle. To install, just remove the stock shackle and replace with the Sulastic shackle that does not require any modification or alteration of the leaf springs or frame hangers.

Sulastic Rubber Springs are designed for the specific spring rate, damping and spring speed of each make and model of truck in order to improve ride quality. Sulastic Rubber Springs do not affect the load-carrying capacity of the truck, and the ride height will remain within a quarter inch of stock height.

At center of the rubber spring is the main axle, which is vulcanized to the proprietary Sulastic rubber compound and housed within a nodular cast-iron cylinder. Nodular cast-iron is stronger and considerably more flexible than aluminum and less brittle than traditional cast-iron, making it a logical choice for an automotive application such as this.

The rubber is then twisted appropriately to obtain the correct dynamic characteristics for each specific truck model. The final assembly step is to weld the hot rolled steel plate brackets and stop member to the main axle. Sulastic Rubber Springs work on all weather conditions where trucks work, is designed to work for at least ten years, do not require any maintains. (

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