Project LBMC: Oil Bypass Filtration

Dialysis for your truck

June 2011 Installs

Admittedly, we should have been thinking about oil filtration for Project LBMC at the very beginning. It should have been one of the first things we did to the truck. But we get excited sometimes and caught up in the excitement of lengthening wheelbases, adding strength and pumping up horsepower and torque.

The prudent and sensible voice (quiet as it may be) in the back of our heads told us to think about oil bypass filtration on our new motor from the beginning. Later, as we investigated bypass filtration more closely, we started kicking ourselves for not making it a priority on the truck early on in the build. But it's never too late to "clean up" and put the brakes on our engine wear, even with 80,400 miles on the clock.  

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