DT Install: The F350 Soup Build

Bedliner install on our 6.7L Power Stroke

May 2021 Installs, Feature Clyde Turner

This article originally appeared in the March 2021 issue.

Our F350 Soup build is really getting a nice makeover now, not just on the outside, but also a little on the inside. Not only is it now well-outfitted for the rugged terrain, but the truck also has a cozy and well-protected bed, thanks to this new bedliner that was installed by the Idaho-based PowerTech Diesel. Specifically, this comfy bedliner that covers the entirety of the bed surface is the Husky Liners UltraFiber. The liner features a 3/4-inch cushioned floor to protect both the bed and cargo from scratches, scuffs, or other damage that comes from cargo shifting around in transit, plus it’s easy on the knees when you have to crawl around. The surface is also very easy to clean and can be installed and removed without damaging a truck, unlike spray-on or drop-in liners that can compromise resale value. Technician Travis Prouse installed this exceptional line on our project truck, and it provided a nice setup that couldn’t have turned out any better.

Step 1: Unpack

Travis began by laying the bedliner components on the floor to prepare their orientation. He then separated all the hook-and-loop fastener pieces, which would fasten the liner to the truck’s bed. The red pieces are color-coded for going inside the main area of the rug, while the white ones are color-coded for going on the edges. Travis then stuck the long red pieces around the center of the liner underside in the long-ways orientation.

Step 2: Preparing For Install

Next, Travis unbolted and removed all the rack brackets and tie-down hooks in the bed to get it ready for the rug to be installed. He also had to remove the connector outlet for the trailer lighting, which proved to be a slightly more involved process. The wiring harness and connector outlet came out with the push of a tab deep inside the frame. The wires were then unbuckled. We wanted to keep the fifth-wheel mount accessible, so Travis removed the rubber flange and cover. After doing that, he swept and cleaned the bed.

Step 3: Finish Prep Work

It was now time to lay the fastener pieces down on the bedliner to prepare it to go in the truck bed. One of the white pieces went in the wide-ways orientation on the tailgate end edge of the rug while the short red-coded dots went on the inside wide-ways stretches. The other white fastener piece went on the wide non-zipper end of the front wall of the rug with the red dot pieces being used for all the rest of the liner’s inside wall areas.

Step 4: Securing The Bedliner

With the fasteners on, the bedliner could now be lifted into the truck and Travis slid it into place. With the liner in the bed, he then peeled the red covers off the liner’s long fasteners’ adhesives and stuck the liner onto the bottom of the bed. The hooks could now be reinstalled, so Travis re-bolted the tie-down hooks onto the front wall of the truck bed. He didn’t have to cut holes in the rug for these, as the rug already came with holes in this location. With that done, he pulled the adhesive covers and stuck down the front wall of the truck bed.

Step 5: Secure Side Walls

Travis then moved onto getting the passenger side wall secured. For both the front and rear, he inserted the rack bracket bolts into the rug and then into their holes to carve out for them, and then the brackets went in. There was no tie-down hook cutout on this side, so Travis had to cut it himself before bolting the hook in. With all of that done, the bedliner’s passenger side wall then had its adhesive covers pulled and was stuck down.

This same process was repeated for the driver’s side, except a cutout for the fifth-wheel trailer connection outlet also needed to be made, which was a more involved process. Travis put the outlet up against the rug wall, so he could draw a line on the inside of the wall to create an outline to cut along on the outside. He then reconnected the wires and inserted the outlet into the frame. Bolting it up took a lot of pushing of the outlet into the wall, as it was an awkward fit, but Travis eventually figured it out and got the outlet in.

Step 6: Fifth-Wheel Hitch Mount

Cutting a hole for the fifth-wheel hitch mount proved to be somewhat easy, as the hole wasn’t hard to find. Travis easily picked up a feel for the hole and cut away the rug for it. He then reinserted the rubber flange into the hitch hole with the carpet in place.

Step 7: Secure Tailgate & Finish It Off

The only part of the bedliner left to secure now was the tailgate end, so Travis simply pulled the adhesive covers off and stuck on the tailgate’s end of the rug. The installation of the rug was complete. We now have ourselves a bed that’s super nice to climb into and could easily handle whatever we may throw at it!


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PowerTech Diesel



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