Chevrolet Silverado HD wins 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year

December 2010 News

When it comes to this year's automotive awards, Chevrolet has been cleaning up.  First the Volt was named the 2011 Car of the Year by Motor Trend. Now the 2011Chevrolet Silverado HD has been named Motor Trend's Truck of the Year.

Chevrolet called the wins "a rare same-year sweep of the prestigious car and truck awards," adding, "It is the first time since 2006 that one brand has won both Motor Trend Car and Truck of the Year awards in the same year."

To determine the award winner, Motor Trend explains that they "evaluated two Silverado HDs, one an extended-cab gas SRW and the other a crew-cab diesel dualie," and "The editors had the chance to drive two Silverado HDs, two [Ford] Super Duties, and two [GMC] Sierra HDs back to back, to compare apples-to-apples gas and diesel models. We tested all of them with and without payload, on highway straights and on twisty roads, with and without trailers."

The Silverado HD is significantly upgraded for 2011. "The Sierra HD looks almost identical on the outside compared to the 2010 model, but Chevy engineers worked magic on all the mechanicals beneath the surface," says Autoblog. The 2011 Silverado HD has more powerful engines, an updated suspension and a stronger frame than the 2010 model.

In the end, Motor Trend writes that the Silverado impressed them with its handling, powerful brakes and comfortable ride.  Although the Ford Super Duty trucks have the best-in-class towing capacity, and more powerful engines than the Silverado HD, Motor Trend says that because the Super Duty trucks weigh more than the Silverado HD, the Silverado HD still has the better power-to-weight ratio.  That ratio "explained why the diesel Silverado was fastest at the track to 60 mph (loaded with payload or unloaded) and had the best passing power," Motor Trend says.


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