3rd Generation Dodge Clutch Replacement

365,000-mile G56 6-speed upgrade

Published in the August 2010 Issue August 2010 Feature, Installs, Transmission

First, start by draining the fluid from the transfer case and transmission into a clean container. Depending on the interval of the last fluid change and the service life your transmission has, you may be able to reuse it.

Next, remove the front and rear drivelines from the transfer case.

Unbolt the transmission mounts from the crossmember. The crossmember has holes on the bottom side to access the bolts.

Remove the plastic surrounding the shifter, shift boots, and shifter from the top of the transmission. This is also where the transmission should be filled with fluid after it's installed.

Unbolt the exhaust mount from the side of the bell housing.

Remove the hydraulic slave cylinder and wiring harness from the transmission.

Remove the crossmember from under the transmission.

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