Stage-Tuning the 6.4L Power Stroke

Stage 2: Faster, smoother, more reliable

Published in the July 2010 Issue July 2010 Ryan Harris

Our 6.4L project is getting out of hand. When we first bought the truck, we kind of figured that it would be simple because of the limited aftermarket for the 6.4L. We underestimated that aspect.

To recap our first stage of the build, we started off by installing Edge Products' Evolution CTS programmer, BD Diesel Performance's Boost Scoop intake and MBRP's filter-back 4-inch exhaust system. Those parts made the truck much quicker, dropping 0-60mph acceleration runs from a bone-stock time of 14.0 seconds to 9.5 seconds (with the Edge CTS on level 3).

Now, we want to go faster. And for sled-pulling and a little drag racing, the best way to pick up more power is to dump the diesel particulate filter and switch to the Edge Racing Evolution CTS.

Powerlabs Diesel installed a Flo-Pro 4-inch downpipe-back system that eliminates the catalytic converter and DPF systems. Please note that this application is for closed-course competition...

With the exhaust opened up the way Henry Ford intended it to be, we bumped the Edge CTS up to level 4 and hit the test strip. Our 0-60mph time dropped by another half-second, now getting to 60 in 9 seconds flat over 419 feet. (Note: we use the CTS' acceleration testing function for the tests, and all runs are from an idle--not boosted launches).

Now that we're happy (for the time being) with how quick and responsive the truck is, we're shifting the focus to suspension and details. Oh, and a little more underhood tweaking. We installed Fox Shox 2.0 ProSeries shocks on all four corners. We also swapped out for PML extra-capacity differential covers and transmission pan. We went with Amsoil for fluids everywhere on the truck: gear fluid, engine oil and transmission fluid. For added monitoring security, we went with a pair of Prosport electronic gauges--boost and exhaust gas temperature. And to improve the charge air system's efficiency, we replaced the factory intercooler pipe with BD Diesel Performance's cast intercooler pipe.


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