Ramco Performance Filters Company Buy Out

Ramco now run by SEMA owner, takes on new name

July 2010 News
Ramco Performance Manufacturing's line of high-performance fuel filters has been purchased by Rick Rollins, owner of Rollins Performance and is also currently SEMA's Chairman of the Board. The company is now called FTS Performance Filter Solutions Technologies.

The FloMax 300 filtration system represents a significant advancement in filtration technology for the performance industry by combining technologies in use in the heavy-duty and aviation industries. Ramco's experience in the commercial filtration industry has allowed the company an, "opportunity to identify shortcomings in conventional systems and design a fresh concept which offers the highest filtration efficiency and includes many features which makes installation a snap." In-house field tests and dyno results have exceeded company expectations for the product.


The high fuel flow capabilities - 300 GPH - and extremely low fuel flow restriction of the FloMax 300 coupled with highly efficient 5 micron filtration and water separation make it the most innovative and efficient system ever. Manufactured from solid billet aluminum - absolutely no castings - the lightweight and extremely compact FloMax 300T is designed for use in gasoline, racing fuel, ethanol and methanol applications. The red anodized finish combined with the premium silver filter makes for a striking appearance. 


The FloMax 300 incorporates a unique EZMOUNT integral mounting flange which allows easy mounting to either a tubular chassis rail or surface mount. It also features multiple fuel port inlets to provide the utmost in installation flexibility. It can be installed on the suction or pressure side of the fuel system. The easily replaceable spin-on filter element requires no messy canister or screen cleaning and totally eliminates any chance of fuel system contamination.


For more information about FST Performance products, visit the web site at: www.fstperformance.com

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