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DPF-Delete Exhaust For GM Duramax LMM V8-6.6L Turbo Diesel

The folks at advanced Flow engineering (aFe) have a 4-inch DPF-Delete exhaust system for the 2008 and newer GM Duramax LMM turbo diesel. The DPF-Delete exhaust system eliminates the use of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), increasing exhaust flow, performance and fuel efficiency.

These systems come with two thermocouple bungs, two pressure tap bungs and are constructed of 4-inch, mandrel-bent, 409 stainless or aluminized steel. The bayonet style hangers were welded on and serve to minimize movement and exhaust wear. OE band-style clamps hold tubes together and provide a leak-free seal and stronger clamping than standard U-bolt clamps.

The systems include a 5-inch polished 409SS tip for aggressive styling. This system is not street legal and is designed for race or off-highway use.

Part no. 49-14017 (aluminized steel with muffler) is $475; part no. 49-14018 (aluminized steel without muffler) is $399; part no. 49-44017 (stainless steel with muffler) is $575; and part no. 49-44018 (stainless steel without muffler) is $499.



Inline Wideband UEGO Controller

The Inline Wideband UEGO from AEM makes data logging, engine management systems or racing applications easier for truck owners when they'd prefer to avoid more gauges. It's got simple wiring and installation and the weather-proof controller can be mounted anywhere. The Bosch sensor is accurate to .1 AFR. It's an ideal AFR and egt monitoring tool for EFI, carbureted applications and engine dynamometers.

It doesn't oscillate AFR readings and laptop monitoring isn't needed. A 0-5v analog output is included for use with data loggers and the system detects AFR sensor problems and outputs error values which can be used to deactivate feedback. It's capable of reading gasoline AFR values from 8.5 to 18:1, E85 AFR from values 5.7 to 12:1, ethanol AFR values from 5.2 to 11:1, methanol AFR values from 3.7 to 7.8:1 and Lambda AFR values from .58 to 1.22.

Contact for overview videos.


High Power Turbos

Elite Diesel Engineering's high power turbos are available for the 2008-2010 6.4L Ford Power Stroke. It is a direct replacement for the OEM turbo setup and has a 63mm compressor wheel on the high pressure turbo and a 76mm billet compressor wheel on ball bearing on the low pressure turbo. With it, Elite promises power output of 750 hp, cooler running egts and it's especially beneficial for trucks using high output 310 hp files. Elite's dual wastegate configuration gives greater backpressure and eliminates problematic EGR cooler system issues.

Contact or (866) 631-8518.


Filthy Feet, Tidy Carpets

WeatherTech Floor Mats from MacNeil Automotive Products Limited are made of nearly 16 lbs. of pliable rubber to trap mud, snow and sand. The mats provide carpet protection for any vehicle, are easily cleaned and come in black, tan or gray to complement most interior colors.

Contact or (800) 441-6287.


Diesel Fuel Filtration System

Coeur D'Alene, ID-based XX-Fuel offers a diesel fuel filtration system that will prevent CP3 injector pump failures. Most of these expensive failures can be avoided with better fuel filtration. Standard OEM fuel filtration ranges from 5-7 microns, with filter changes in as few as 4000 miles.

The XX-Fuel diesel fuel filtration system was designed around the fuel demands of the Caterpillar C-15, 15-liter engine. XX-Fuel said the design makes this system ideal for either an 800 hp monster or a bone stock truck.

The systems come with a water separator and most filter down to two microns, the economy systems filtering to four microns. The filters should be replaced every 20,000 miles/or one year and retail for $19.99. All systems are completely bolt-on and have installation instructions appropriate for even novice "wrench turners." The brackets have show quality powdercoating, come with a limited lifetime warranty and seven-day-a-week tech support.

Systems are available for Duramax Chevrolet and GMC trucks from 2001-10 and Cummins Dodge trucks from 2003-10.

Contact or (208) 665-0020.


EGR Delete Kit With Intake Gasket Set

The EGR Delete Kit with Intake Gasket Set for the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke from Elite Diesel Engineering has a mandrel-bent stainless coolant recirculation line and a billet block-off plate with coolant line retainer fork. The billet EGR valve block-off plate and stainless up-pipe without bellow are also included. Elite said the delete kit eliminates problematic EGR cooler system failures, improves exhaust flow to turbo and prevents coolant flash boil.

Contact or (866) 631-8518.


More For The Ram Hemi 1500 

MBRP has three performance exhaust systems for the Dodge Ram Hemi 1500. These three systems-single side, dual split side and dual split rear bolt-on-help shave back fuel consumption.

The chambered muffler rumbles at idle and MBRP roars when you hit the throttle. The exhaust system rapidly moves hot exhaust gases for cool, clean engine operation.

It's available in three material grades and comes with mirror polished stainless steel tips. The Pro Series is T304 stainless steel, while the XP Series is made of T409 stainless steel and both have a lifetime warranty. MBRP's Installer Series is built from aluminized steel and has a three-year warranty.

Contact or (888) 636-7223.

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