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Published in the July 2010 Issue July 2010

Dear DT,

I saw in your August 2009 issue that you tested Carli's Dodge Performance 2.0 suspension and you mentioned the truck was also built with a transmission from North American Diesel Performance. I own a 2005 Dodge 2500 5.9L with a NV5600 6-speed transmission and was wondering what type of transmission work you have done? What transmission suggestions would you have for my daily driver if I bring the HP up to around 500-600? Any suggestions or help you can give would be appreciated.


via email


Our Salvaged Powerhouse build featured a heavy-duty 48RE automatic transmission build by NADP. That transmission was rated for 700hp. For your 6-speed NV5600, NADP carries a line of heavy-duty clutches from LUK, South Bend Clutch and Valeo. NADP can help you assemble the correct drive train package for your needs. You can find them at www.nadp.ca. --- Ed. 

Dear DT,

I just read about the "Salvaged Powerhouse" project Dodge in your fine magazine and I'm quite interested in doing a similar project myself. I was wondering where your magazine got the truck? Could point me in the direction of some insurance agencies or salvage yards to contact about salvage trucks? I have been looking at salvage yards, such as Spalding Auto Parts, but they don't usually have what I'm looking for. 


Cameron Hartshorn


We spoke with the truck's owner. He worked with a couple different insurance companies and with some insurance adjusters, putting the info out about what he was looking for. It took a while, but one of the adjusters contacted him when the claim was filed on this truck. You just need to be aggressive, patient and a little creative. Salvage yards are out for a profit, making them a more difficult source for a complete totaled vehicle. Insurance companies just want a little cash to get the vehicle off their books. - Ed.


Dear DT,

The last magazine I got was pretty thin. Since this is an Idaho-based magazine it would seem to me that you could do more stories on Idaho trucks. And then other stories on trucks form those less fortunate states like Montana, Washington and Utah.

Mine is actually a work truck, not some 1000-hp monster or one you need a 6-foot step ladder to get into or one you get blinded by at night from all the gauges. There is no doubt that they are fun to read about and as Jay Leno would say, they belong to the "more money than brains club." I do enjoy your truck upgrade stories; they are always great reading.

My truck is a 1997 Ford F250 2-wheel drive with a 7.3L Power Stroke with an E40D and a limited slip rear end. I bought my truck from the original owner and it had 74,000 miles on it and now it has 138,000 miles and is still a great-looking truck and it is certainly good enough for your magazine. Here is a list of upgrades: Bilstein shocks, drilled and slotted rollers, Energy suspension upgrade, three-inch down pipe and cat removed, Ford Motorsports finned aluminum transmission pan and two-quart extra cap, `08 Ford aluminum finned differential cover, Transgo shift kit.

I keep this truck well-maintained. I use Shell Rotella 15w40 low-ash oil and Ford filters. My wish list of upgrades includes: ATS triple lock torque converter, Fluidampr, 4-inch aluminum exhaust system, air intake system.

Mike Lorenz

Lewiston, ID


P.S. I read the article about the clown who was laughing about guys who put Cummins in their Ford truck because they are so-called better engines. But what is funny is that the Ford F-Series still outsells Dodge and GM combined. My take on this issue is if you want a truck that has a good power train, but you don't care if the body or suspension falls off, you buy a Dodge. If you want a truck that rides like a car and is not heavy-duty you buy a Chevrolet or GMC. But if you want a good all-around truck, you buy a Ford.


Sounds like you've got a sweet 7.3L there. We'll keep it in mind in the future. I do need to clarify your points about truck sales: According to pickuptrucks.com, as of April, Ford F-Series sold 143,985 units while Chevrolet had sold 102,098 Silverados. GMC had sold 32,862 Sierras, bringing GM's total year-to-date sales to 134,960--or 94 percent of Ford's F-Series sales. Dodge Ram year-to-date sales total 51,707 trucks. - Ed.

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