In 100 Degree Heat, Diesel-Powered Backup Generators Keep Critical Services and Business Up and Runn

July 2010 News
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  • Importance of Reliable Emergency Power Is Especially Vital For Hospitals, 
    Emergency Response Centers and Airports

As various regions around the United States endure record heat and other weather-related disasters, the widespread use of diesel-powered emergency backup generators is increasing as our power grids are strained by overuse or damaged by natural disasters, according to the Diesel Technology Forum

In 100 Degree Heat, Diesel-Powered Backup Generators Keep Critical Services and Business Up and Running

From the operating room to boardroom, every second counts when grid power fails. Within 10 seconds of a power failure, diesel-powered backup generators go to work. That's why diesel is a silent yet reliable partner in virtually every hospital across the country. No other energy source provides full-strength backup power within seconds of a failure by the primary electricity grid, the forum said.

"Diesel-powered generators can save lives during a power crisis," said Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum. "Because even a brief disruption in power can cause incalculable costs, reliable backup power is now considered a top priority for not only hospitals and emergency operation centers, but also businesses and families across our country. Through natural disasters or rolling blackouts, diesel provides peace of mind with safe, portable, reliable backup power, especially in this era of unprecedented electricity demand from our national grid."

The diesel-powered generators range from about the size of automobile engines to trailer-mounted commercial central air-conditioning units.  The generators can supply enough electricity to operate a municipal water plant, to provide refrigeration to a food processing facility, to power a 911 communications system, or operate all the life support systems at a major hospital. Generators are also vital to a variety of commercial customers - especially those in food storage and processing, manufacturing, aviation and aerospace.

Interruptions of electric power - even for a short duration - create situations that could imperil public health and safety. Blackouts create havoc for municipal agencies trying to supply police, fire and medical response, and water and sewage services, as well as private businesses. Diesel-powered generators have proven to be the most reliable, durable, and economical source of emergency power. In almost all instances, diesel generators are the only source of power generation that meets federal and state requirements of 10-second start-up and electrical load-carrying capacity.

The Diesel Technology Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting clean diesel technologies. Forum members include engine and vehicle manufacturers, diesel fuel refiners, and manufacturers of emissions control devices. For more information about the Forum, visit its web site at
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