Letters and Emails

Published in the June 2010 Issue June 2010

Dear DT,

I was wondering if you know where you can buy the big spike lug nuts for a dually?

Thank you.

Mark Avery

Via e-mail


For 8-lug applications, try dieselwheel.com and 75chromeshop.com. If you are running adapters and 10-lug truck wheels, most semi-truck parts stores or large truck stops would have them. -Ed.


Dear DT,

Hello, I am subscribing to Diesel Tech magazine and on an advertisement I see there was a cover to a previous mag with the headline "This Old Dodge." Can you tell me the print issue date so that I may purchase a copy? Thank you.

Dean Tippie

Via e-mail


That feature was in the April 2009 issue and covered a 1998 Dodge 12-valve Cummins getting a single-charger workover from Dynomite Diesel. That same truck now has an entirely different setup from DDP, which can be found in this issue. -Ed.


Dear DT,

Your Volume 3 Issue 6 had a letter from Dave Hobbs concerning intake and exhaust issues on the Ford. You said you have dyno-tested intake systems that have increased horsepower by up to 35. Would you let me know how the Banks system did or which one did the best? I own a 2008 6.4L Power Stroke and only get about 12 miles per gallon and would like to know how to increase that. Thanks for any info you can give me. 

Great mag.

George M. Crockett

Via e-mail


While we haven't tested any of Banks' products on the 6.4L, we can say that the AFE, Airaid, AEM and S&B have provided similar results on the dyno. In this issue, we did a stage 1 build on an '08 6.4L Power Stroke and used the BD Power Intake Scoop system with great results. -Ed.



Dear DT,

I have the latest issue of DT because of the article to make 1,000 hp with an LB7 Duramax. You state at the end of the article to check the website for the dyno test. I can't find it. Am I blind? Thank you for your time and a good rag.

Scott Brinley


We had compiled the information from a dyno event late last fall for a web update. At that time, the truck made a 991-hp run, which was the highest it had made thus far. At press time, we received a dyno chart from the story's author, Chad Westfall, showing that Jim Jones' LB7 hit 1,053 horsepower and 1,844 lb-ft of torque on Floor It Diesel's dyno. -Ed.


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