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Dodge Cummins Diesel Electric Fan

Flex-a-lite has developed a new electric fan for 1994-2002 Dodge Cummins Diesel Fan (part no. 262). Eliminate the stock belt-driven fan and shroud with the Dodge Cummins Diesel electric fan to improve gas mileage, horsepower, torque and air conditioning temperature.

The new Dodge Cummins Diesel Fan measures 37-1/4 x 20-1/4 x 4-1/4 inches and pulls up to 5500 cubic feet per minute while drawing 28-36 amps.

It features a brushed aluminum shroud with mounting points made specifically for the radiator. The variable speed control module independently operates the fans from 60-100 percent, depending on engine temperature and a/c activation. An optional manual switch (Flex-a-lite no. 31148) allows the electric fan to be turned off during water crossings. Custom brackets make for quick bolt-on installation. However, it's not recommended for primary diesel engine cooling when the GVCW exceeds 18,000 pounds (truck, trailer and load).

Contact (800) 851-1510 or

Freez Point

Freez Point, from Syntek Global, is a super concentrated cold flow improver to help your diesel truck or generator to keep running in those very low temperatures.

Diesel fuel has a tendency to turn into a gel in very cold temperatures, which can make it almost impossible to start your truck and can make it run sluggishly. Freez Point will allow the fuel to stay fluid, even as the temperature drops.

All you need is 1.5 to 2.5 ounces to treat up to 20 gallons of diesel fuel. The convenient, self-measuring bottle makes it quick and easy to squeeze and pour into your tank. It dissolves easily in your fuel, even when it's cold. It has also been proven effective in petroleum diesel as well as biodiesel. It is ultra low sulfur compliant and it works great in conjunction with Xtreme Fuel Treatment.


MBRP Stainless Goes Bigger

MBRP's new 5-inch stainless performance exhaust systems are now available for Chevy/GMC, Ford and Dodge diesel pickup trucks. Crafted from 16-gauge T409 stainless steel, these monster-sized pipes deliver a deep and distinctive exhaust note and reduced egts. These 5-inch stainless systems are available in Turbo Back, Cat Back and Filter Back configurations.

With diesel owners coaxing more power out of their engines, exhaust gas temperatures can become dangerously high and engine powered accessories combine to boost operating temperatures. With a 25 percent increase in exhaust flow, operating temperatures are kept in check and components work smoothly. The system was designed to quickly open up to a 5-inch diameter, right out of the turbo. It is bolt-on easy and requires only common hand tools to install. It's recommended for diesel trucks equipped to produce 550 hp or greater.  It's also backed by MBRP's lifetime warranty.

Contact (888) 636-7223 or

Edge CS, CTS Evolution Programmer

Edge Products' new Color Screen (CS) and Color Touch Screen (CTS) offer advanced technology in engine tuning, since the programmers not only reprogram the vehicle to improve power and performance but also double as gauge-display devices, providing information about vehicle performance. They can also act as scan tools for reading and clearing trouble codes.

The CS and CTS programmers are packed in rugged-style cases, with a universal system for window mounting (included) or custom pod or pillar mounting. The CS and CTS products connect into the vehicle's computer via the OBDII/diagnostic port and can read and display up to eight parameters at a time from a list of dozens of engine parameters. CS and CTS displays can be easily configured to allow each user to view their data preference. Safety features with audible alerts as well as performance test features such as 0-60 and quarter-mile times are included. Both systems include light sensitivity meters that automatically adjust screen brightness for improved viewing for day or night driving.

The CS model features a full-color, high-resolution 2.4-inch, button-controlled screen. The CTS model is a full-color, high-resolution 4.3-inch touch screen that comes equipped with a video-in port allowing users to connect to an optional backup camera or DVD player.

The Evolution programmer (P/N 85150 GM Gas CS, P/N 85100 GM Diesel CS, P/N 85250 GM Gas CTS, P/N 85200 GM Diesel CTS) is an all-in-one tool-scan tool, programmer and gauges. The retail price is $439.

Contact (888) 360-3343 or

Diesel Recovery Gets Bigger

Amsoil Diesel Recovery fuel additive is now available in gallons, as well as five-gallon containers and drums. Amsoil Diesel Recovery meets winter diesel operator's needs by quickly dissolving gelled fuel, allowing continued driving with minimal downtime.

It works by separating the molecular bonds of agglomerated wax crystals in diesel fuel to revive fuel flow in cold weather. In extreme temperatures, diesel fuel can become gelled and prevent fuel from reaching the engine due to clogged fuel filters. It can even be added after the gelling has occurred and will actually treat or cure the problem of diesel fuel that's already become gelled. 

It is formulated with no alcohol that can degrade components over time and it's non-corrosive and safe for repeated treatments.

It performs well in most diesel fuels, including ULSD, off-road, and biodiesel. Fuel filters do not need to be replaced when Amsoil Diesel Recovery is used. One 30-oz bottle treats 30 gallons of fuel.

Contact (800) 777-8491.

Aeroforce Technology Analogic Gauge

The Aeroforce Technology Analogic Gauge can monitor all of your important analog sensors and egt temps on one gauge. It accepts four standard 0-5v inputs, as well as two standard egt probes.

It can log displayed data and replay on the gauge, has high intensity warning lights that can be set using a 1 or 2 parameter algorithm-P1, P1 or P2, P1 and P2. For example, it can trigger the lights when the air fuel ratio is above 12.5 and throttle is above 75 percent. It has an integrated output allowing you to control a 12v automotive relay kit to turn something on or off. For example, turn on an electric radiator fan when coolant exceeds 180 degrees F or shut off nitrous when A/F ratio exceeds 13.0. This takes over one of the 0-5v inputs if used. It also has a peak recall function, allowing you to view the highest value read for a displayed parameter.

The Analogic gauge comes assembled with a black face and black bezel and has an additional white face and polished silver bezel to allow the gauge to be customized by the user. It's also available with a blue, green, red or white display.


Pro Dry S Stage 2 Sealed Air Intake System

aFe's Pro Dry S Stage 2 sealed air intake system is now available for the GM Duramax Platform. The aFe Stage 2 sealed air intake system utilizes specially designed intake tubes to maximize air velocity and improve horsepower, torque, mpg and throttle response. The durable, rotomolded plastic intake box blocks out engine heat and it installs using factory mounting locations. A built-in auxiliary air scoop is located at the bottom of the box for additional air flow.

These systems come with a black powdercoated diamond-plate cover and a massive 9-inch Pro Dry S air filter that provides maximum flow and filtration that require no oils. In recent testing, there were gains of 12 hp and 27 lb-ft of torque.

Part numbers 51-81332 (Duramax LMM), 51-80882 (Duramax LLY/LBZ), 51-80612 (Duramax LLY), 51-80782 (Duramax LMLY/LBZ) all retail price for $289.

Contact (951) 493-7155 or

Ride-Rite LS

Firestone's Ride-Rite LS new load adaptive shocks work as a tri-tube mono-flow shock absorber. The shock absorber is directly connected to the helper spring, allowing pressure within the air spring to automatically control performance. As a result, damping is low when the vehicle is unloaded and automatically increases to stiffer damping when the vehicle is loaded.

Ride-Rite LS features a protective urethane dust boot and double-welded loops. The easy-to-install product comes with air line and "T" fittings. It is available for the following applications: 2001-2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD (part no. 4353); 2003-2009 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 (part no.4350); 1999-2009 Ford F-250 over 8500 GVWR (part no. 4351); and 1999-2009 F-350 (part no.4351).

Contact (800) 888-0650 or

SHO Pump

Snow Performance's SHO Pump delivers increased pressure and improves water/methanol distribution. One of the most critical functions of any water/methanol injection system is the pump's ability to fully atomize the liquid mixture. The Super High Output (SHO) pump offers a more reliable method to maintain higher pressures and provides 20 psi more pressure than competitive pumps on the market.

It includes improved double-seals and more thermal loading capability, while drawing less current to extend the life of the pump. It can consistently maintain higher pressures for longer periods of time, making it a better choice for high duty cycle applications such as in racing or commercial truck use.

Contact (760) 674-5876 or

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