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Published in the April 2010 Issue April 2010

Dear DT,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Carli suspension upgrade you installed on your Dodge Ram and featured in your latest issue [August 2009].

As an owner of a 2008 Dodge/Cummins 2500, I've wanted to civilize this suspension when empty. You've certainly answered a lot of my questions and I'll give Carli a very serious look.


Via e-mail

Dear DT,

Got the new issue in the mail today and started reading it and came across a letter to the editor about how "crappy" Dodges are by Chuck.

Well Chuck, after reading the letter that was published, it kind of made me laugh how people always downgrade Dodges, but what it comes down to is which do you see finishing first in just about all the competitions? Yeah, a Dodge. Don't see too many conversions with people putting a Duramax or Power Stroke in.

If I remember correctly, Ford guys are pulling the p.o.s V8 and putting in-you guessed it-a Cummins. It's also funny how Ford and Chevy guys bash the Dodges just because of . what? It's a Dodge? Or is it because we don't need a V8 to cross the finish line first?

All bashing aside, I'd have to say I'm an all-around diesel guy. I don't pick apart the other guys just because they have a different truck. To me, if it's a diesel truck, tractor etc., it's ok in my book. But when a V8 guy sends in a letter just to complain about a Dodge that probably spanked him earlier in the week with your girlfriend in the passenger seat seeing you get whooped on by a 6-banger Dodge, I wouldn't be surprised if she asked you to pull over and let her walk.

Scott G.

Via e-mail

Great rebuttal, Scott. This all started with a tongue-in-cheek column by Jacob White that ran several issues back. We've gotten several e-mails in response, proving that, no matter what kind of modifications are made or which shop built the truck, Ford, Dodge and GM guys love to argue. The funny thing is, the letter you're responding to was written by a Dodge loyalist, further evidence of the need for a sarcasm font. By the way, have you ever had to edit a letter written in texting shorthand? -Ed.

Dear DT,

I have enjoyed reading your magazine, especially The Wastegate.

In your August, 2009 article, "10 Tips for Making Your Horsepower Recession-Proof," there was a lot of interesting information.

Unfortunately, I fall in that category of owning a 1997 GMC Dually with a 6.5-liter diesel with 132,000 miles on it. This seems to be the forgotten engine. With the resources you have, can you give us guys with 6.5L diesel some ideas on what is available for us? 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stewart Gandy

Fond du Lac, WI

We have an article on 6.5L performance in the works, but no firm date as to when it will run. For now, we would suggest contacting Heath Diesel http://www.heathdiesel.com/ about products for the 6.5L diesel. Thanks for reading DT. -Ed.

Dear DT,

[Ed note: Letter printed as received.]

your magazine lacks diversity. All it has is trucks spweing smoke. If your really interested in technology, try showing the clean TDI's that are actually paving the way for the diesel era. I would gladly subscribe if you would add some acutual diesel tecnology.

Chase Newquist

Maybe a Volkswagen TDI is more technologically advanced than a light-duty farm pickup making 1,000 horsepower on simple computer and mechanical refinements. But maybe that's irrelevant. Last time we tried hooking up a 40-foot gooseneck to a TDI, it didn't work out so well. We will agree that clean diesel cars are the correct direction for the auto industry to take for fuel economy and emissions purposes . if that was your point. -Ed.

Dear DT,

I subscribed to your mag, but per customer service won't get my first copy until the August issue.

I have been following the 7.3L Ford Build-Up articles in Volume 3, Issue 1 and Volume 3, Issue 2. I would like to get a copy of the next issue that is covering this series; I'm assuming it's Volume 3, Issue 3.

Your internet form refers to the issues as months: Jan/Feb; Mar/Apr; and May/June. Assuming that's 1, 2, 3, respectively, I need May/June. But, I didn't want to assume incorrectly.

Thank you,

Drake Winn

The PSD Resurrection series of articles began in the February `09 issue and ran through the April, June, August and October `09 issues. That's Vol. 3, issues one through five.

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