A message from High Tech Turbo to diesel performance enthusiasts

Published in the April 2010 Issue April 2010

At HTT we're serious about our business: enhancing the performance of diesel engines. We've been building diesel turbochargers for over 25 years, and we know a lot about the engines that power your vehicle. We are always working to improve the performance and reliability of our products, and we're especially proud of a relatively new development from HTT that has caught the attention and the imagination of our customers: our exclusive Stainless Steel Turbine Housing, which we designed and developed with just one objective in mind: high performance.

The result has been nothing short of amazing: improved durability, and measurable increases in power, efficiency and reliability. HTT turbochargers are quickly becoming the standard by which diesel performance is measured. And customers are reporting remarkable results and satisfaction.

Of course this new product has also caught the attention of our competitors. And that has led to a disturbing problem: products that pretend to be HTT stainless housings are beginning to show up in many places where they don't belong. They appear in the websites of dealers who have no relationship to HTT. They're being installed with substandard internal components. And, in many cases the housing is blemished and flawed in ways that may harm diesel engines. (Some of these housings from non-HTT dealers contain severe "pitting" on the machined surfaces, which can prevent mating parts from sealing properly and cause exhaust leaks and poor turbocharger performance.) The machining of some of these housings is substandard and does not meet our tolerances. The results are predictable: poor turbocharger performance and unhappy customers.

On close inspection, it's almost always obvious that these housings don't meet our quality standards and they were not sold by an authorized HTT dealer. Sometimes they bear our logo, but sometimes our logo is actually ground down to disguise their origin.

But even when it appears to be genuine, make no mistake: If it wasn't purchased from an authorized HTT dealer, we cannot assure you that it meets our performance and quality standards. And we cannot cover it under our warranty.

If you feel that you have received one of these illicit turbine housings please contact us immediately (801.304.0700 or turbos@htturbo.com).

Only HTT dealers carry our products, and only genuine HTT products meet our quality standards and carry our warranty. If you plan on purchasing a stainless steel turbocharger for your vehicle, please contact us for a list of authorized dealers to make sure that you get an authentic HTT stainless steel turbine housing. A list of dealers can be found on our website at www.htturbo.com. Or call us at (801) 304-0700. We'll make sure you find the product and the help you need for your diesel vehicle.

This is a housing we recently acquired from a customer of a competitor. From the outside, it looks like a genuine HTT housing. But note the severe pitting of the exhaust flange. This pitted flange would be hidden after installation, and the customer might not know that he has been sold an inferior product until it fails. It has our name on it, but this is not a genuine HTT turbocharger.

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