2011 Ford Super Duty

New 6.7-liter diesel engine headlines the new changes

Published in the April 2010 Issue April 2010

Steady yourselves diesel fans: the new trucks from Ford's Super Duty line are due out very soon.

Offering more options seems to be the key to the new lineup of 2011 F-Series Super Duty trucks, particularly when it comes to fueling. It's no secret that trucks have always been heavy-handed on fuel demand, but to be competitive in the emissions-restricted modern climate, Ford and its trucks are evolving. With what amounts to a 360-degree tire-spinning, mud-flinging peel-out, Ford has built a lineup of innovative, powerful machines.

The 2011 Super Duty series includes a 6.2-liter V-8 gasoline engine that promises advanced fuel economy for work engines. Ford's new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel engine also offers the option of up to 20 percent biodiesel fueling and it also hits 2010 federal emissions standards. Despite the diesel engine lover's concern for performance losses associated with the use of biofuel, Ford is confident the new series will perform at consumer expectations.

Ford's lead diesel engineering manager, Adam Gryglak, said in a recent statement that the engineering was an "awesome endeavor" and he promises the engine will still lead the way in performance capability. We hope he's right. With America's economic leviathan having plundered the domestic car and truck market, the new generation of diesel engine technology offers a glimmer of hope in the bleak landscape of consumer purchasing. Provided horsepower and performance stay on par with company assurances, once the 2011 series hits the retail venue, it'll be a triumph for the American truck industry.

As for "toughness," the 2011 Ford Super Duty truck is being billed as, "The Ultimate Trailer-Towing Machine." To back up the claim, Ford has a created a fifth-wheel and gooseneck substructure that is strength mounted to the frame of the vehicle. This beast is designed with America's blue-collars in mind as a sort of gift to the working class stiffs to get the most grueling of jobs done in one plush ride. Deus ex machina thinking no longer applies, as this truck is custom designed to provide Super Duty owners the strength they expect from their trucks.

Key engine features include a compacted graphite iron (CGI) engine block for higher torque and more horsepower, an inboard exhaust and outboard intake structure for a sleeker throttle response, as well as a high-pressure fuel injection system that pledges 29,000 psi rail pressure.

The Work Solutions computer enables drivers to keep tabs on tool inventory, a printer and a diagnostics system, the Crew Chief presents information on fleet location and maintenance needs, all in an in-dash setup.

The all-new TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission enables drivers to lock in a lower rpm. The transmission promises an increased efficiency in hitting the sweet spot of low-end torque for towing. The damper down kicks the powertrain, hitting a nice decrease in rpm to 900. There are also larger gears and a double overdrive as well as a new torque converter which assists with fuel economy.

Maybe it's an effort to underscore the strength of Ford's engine, but the exterior leaves little to be desired. The industrial strength grille looks sharp, and as far as grilles go, might even make rap stars a little envious of its metal. There are also several options for splurging on chrome and body paint.

Another trick feature is the new LCD productivity screen which offers information on payload and towing. As for the towing option, the Trailer Sway Control is included in the series, as well as the AdvanceTrac control module which keeps tight watch on trailer motion, giving an added sense of security when towing.

For more information on the new 2011 F-Series, visit www.ford.com.

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