Project Black Max

Silverline Exhaust System

Published in the August 2009 Issue August 2009 Build, Duramax

Black MaxWhile in the planning stages of our next Duramax-powered project truck, coming up with the name seemed to be the most difficult job to get done.

What do you call an '05 Chevy with 100,000-plus miles, blacked out by a painter with a vendetta against chrome (see The Hitch a few issues back)? Not to mention an LLY power plant in need of some fuel and air help (along with a new water pump, wheel bearing, power steering pump, lift pump replacement. the list goes on). We first pegged it as the Smoke Monster-a throw back to the days when `Lost' had a plot-but figured the onslaught of letters bitching about smoke and image would be annoying. After washing the truck, it was apparent that "Swirly" would be a more fitting name. You black-truck owners know what we're talking about. There were the obvious ones, but for all the boring reasons we went with project Black Max. Oooooh.

Like we mentioned, the truck's looks cover a few details that need addressed. We'll get to those soon, but the thing really needed an exhaust system.

For that, we went directly to Silverline and got a four-inch downpipe-back off-road single system.

Silverline's systems are mandrel bent, so there's no flow restriction. The muffler is very free-flowing, yet surprisingly quiet. We've been around several Duramax diesels with various assortments of exhaust systems, and we were very happy with the sound quality and lack of in-the-cab drone that this system gave our truck.

The Silverline system gets another high score for installation ease. The pieces of the system fit together easily and all of the hangers lined up perfectly with the truck's factory exhaust hangers.

We also love the look of the double-wall five-inch tip, which comes with all T304 and 409 systems.


Silverline Diesel Exhaust
ANSA Automotive
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