Tool Talk: Deep Impact

Published in the June 2009 Issue June 2010

Snap-on's 14.4v cordless impact driver (part # CT4410) packs enough power to tackle most jobs on your truck. It's a powerful impact wrench without the hassle of an air hose. It's capable of 230 ft-lbs of bolt break away torque and has a super heavy duty impact mechanism for lasting durability. It's kind of like the diesel of impact wrenches.


Looking to increase your truck's efficiency? You may want to look into a natural gas conversion kit from ProChoice. Designed specifically for the Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins and GM Duramax applications, these kits are computer controlled for precise injection of natural gas. Road tests on a 2008 GM Duramax showed an improvement from 15-19 mpg to 33-45mpg, depending on conditions. Dyno results also offered an increase of 100 hp and 200 ft-lbs of torque.

For more information visit



If you've hopped up your diesel pickup and now find yourself staring at a pyrometer all day, you might want to look into a water/methanol injection system. Labonte Motorsports has engineered a new progressive methanol injection controller, setting the benchmark in water/methanol systems.

The DIS-100 from Labonte MotorSports is a complete water/methanol injection system for diesel trucks capable of lowering egts by 250 degrees F and adding up to 70 rwhp.  The system includes a 250 psi high flow injection pump and engineered nozzles to deliver great fluid atomization.

To learn more you can visit or call (815) 315-4823.



Prosport has released its newest Premium Series Boost gauge with peak recall and fully programmable warning functions. This new gauge is perfect for diesel vehicles, allowing the driver to focus on driving.

Prosport gauges can warn you with audible and visual warning features when you exceed your preset limit. They feature 270-degree sweep stepper microprocessor controlled motors, providing exceptional precision.

You can learn more at


Stacks have become pretty popular today. And the folks at ANSA Silverline are excited to announce they've added new 6- and 8-inch stacks to their Stainless Steel Stack lineup. They've also made it easy to upgrade your existing stacks by offering these new stacks individually, with inlet adapters that work with most stack bases. Stacks and stack components are made from high quality stainless steel, offering superior quality and durability. Available in mirror polished stainless steel or the new and exclusive Midnight Black finish.

For more information about Silverline products, contact ANSA at (800) 777-2672 or



If you need to increase intake air flow and decrease intake air temperatures in your 7.3L Power Stroke, CFM Plus has the answer, introducing the first aftermarket Intake Manifold for the 1999-2003 Ford Power Stroke. Using patented manufacturing technology and utilizing high-temperature composite materials, this unique two-piece manifold system will increase power, reduce egts and provide better fuel economy. It's available in gloss black/red, gloss black/polished and gloss red/polished.

For more information check out or call (760) 598-2478.



A nice suspension leveling kit can improve the looks of your truck dramatically. Check out ReadyLift Suspension, which has just released its new kits for the brand new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD.

The new 66-1030 Leveling Kit consists of a CNC-machined billet aluminum strut extension that will raise the front of the 2009 Dodge two inches, providing a true level stance. Looking for more? The 69-1030 SST Hybrid Lift Kit includes 2.5-inch steel front strut extensions and 1.5-inch steel rear coil spacers. Both systems allow room for 35-inch tall tires.

For more information, contact (877) 759-9991 or


In today's economy, fuel efficiency is key. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst is not just a fuel savings device, however. An additional goal for Fitch is the launching of a worldwide campaign to educate consumers about operating clean and green for 2009. Installing a Fitch Fuel Catalyst on a light duty diesel truck not only reduces fuel usage and costs, it can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere by up to 16,000 lbs. over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Help improve air quality. Visit or call (888) 881-2774.



Want to add a little more style to your truck while enhancing your visibility at night? Recon, the premiere manufacturer of aftermarket lighting and accessories for the truck and SUV market, has unveiled its new LED Replacement Bulbs for nearly every make and model of car, truck, SUV and trailer.

Recon Truck Accessories offers a brighter solution to lighting up your vehicle.

For more information you can contact



The folks at Banks Products, a long-time leader in the performance diesel market, have released a new version of their already popular Six Gun tuner for the 2008 and later Ford 6.4L Power Stroke. Expect big increases in horsepower and torque, along with improved fuel economy as well. The new Six Gun is especially easy on the DPF and oversees all aspects of your truck's operation.

For more information visit Banks at or (626) 969-9600.



Diesel trucks were built to tow and tow heavy. Why not make your truck's towing ability even better with products from Firestone Industrial Products?

Look for its 2009 air helper springs catalog, detailing new products and accessories available for today's cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motor homes and RVs. Whether it be the Ride-Rite helper springs or the Level-Rite kit, Firestone can make just about any vehicle ride and handle even the heaviest loads.

For more, you can visit their website at


We all know the power increases that can be had by adding a nitrous system to your already hopped up diesel. Introducing the next generation in diesel nitrous systems-the digitally controlled dual stage SX2d from Nitrous Express. Two digitally controlled progressive stages, two giant 500 hp Lightning solenoids, two NX dry nozzles and an extra capacity 15-pound nitrous bottle all offer the ultimate in nitrous control.

Learn more at or call (940) 767-7694.



Snow Performance has long been the leader in light duty diesel water/methanol systems and is pleased to announce the release of its kit designed for the Class 7 and 8 medium duty trucks.

The new Boost Cooler Diesel kit offers up to 12 percent mpg increases, reduced emissions and extra 150 ft-lbs. of torque, all while decreasing exhaust gas temperatures by up to 250 degrees F.

Special mapping and the most sophisticated 2D digital controller available results in significant fuel economy improvements.

For more information stop by or call (866) 365-2762.



Tired of taking all your used oil to the local parts house for recycling? Check out these new systems from Bluegrass Fuel that will effectively convert any used motor oil or petroleum-based oil into a useable biofuel blend you can run in your diesel pickup.

Each unit will remove any acids, antifreeze and water, then begins filtering the final blend down through a 1 micron filter.

For more information you can reach Bluegrass Fuel Systems at (502) 682-6785.



Looking to add some height to your Super Duty Ford? Check out the new 3.5-inch lift kit for the 2005-09 Super Duty trucks, allowing up to a 37-inch wheel and tire combination, all while keeping the smooth OEM ride and drivability.

This is a complete lift kit, including 5-inch OEM equivalent rear blocks with integrated bump stop landings, 3.5-inch coil spring extensions with sound isolators, an OEM-style panhard drop bracket, front bump stops, carrier bearing spacer, OEM shock extension brackets, a pair of radius arm drop brackets and all needed hardware.

For more information contact ReadyLift at (800) 549-4620 or



Any diesel truck on the road can benefit from a clean, reliable supply of fuel. And just when you thought the Kleen Fuel Filtration System from Dr. Performance couldn't get any better, they are now offering an improved lift pump, designed to synchronize with the complete filtration system or as its own stand-alone unit.

The new unit can be purchased as a stand-alone pump or at a discounted price as a complete package with the Kleen Filter system.

Contact Dr. Performance at (877) 338-7373 or visit



Increased airflow will always help performance, especially in a diesel. Knowing that, the folks at Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE) have just released this new intercooler tube upgrade for the 2007.5 and later Dodge 6.7L Cummins. It is constructed of mandrel bent 3-inch 409 stainless steel and powdercoated for maximum cooling efficiency. AFE claims it out-flows the factory intercooler tube by 45 percent and could offer up to an additional 20 hp and 63 lb-ft of torque at 1750 rpm.

Visit the website at or call

(951) 493-7100.



If you're looking to improve power and mileage in your 1998-2002 Dodge Cummins, check out the new MVP performance module from TS Performance. Developed for the Cummins 24-valve diesel to deliver up to a 2-mpg improvement in fuel economy, while adding up to 100 extra horsepower, the

Snap-on's 14.4v cordless impact driver (part # CT4410) packs enough power to tackle most jobs on your truck. It's a powerful impact wrench without the hassle of an air hose. It's capable of 230 ft-lbs of bolt break away torque and has a super heavy duty impact mechanism for lasting durability. It's kind of like the diesel of impact wrenches.

MVP is easy to install and gives you the freedom to adjust horsepower levels from inside the cab without leaving a trace on your factory computer.

For more information contact TS Performance at (270) 746-9999 or



Carli Suspension now offers a solution to pre-mature wear issues of the upper ball joints used in the 2003-08 Dodge Ram. Extensive testing on the new heavy-duty upper ball joints is now complete.

Logging thousands of nasty dirty miles over the past year ensured this product would be everything you would expect, yielding at least three times the life expectancy of the OEM joint.

You can learn more at or (714) 532-2798.

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