Amp Research Power Step

Published in the June 2009 Issue June 2009


The Power Step by Amp Research is a revolutionar product for pickup trucks and SUVs. Running boards and steps have been a dliemma for truck owners. For some people, even stock height trucks can be difficult to get into. If a truck has a lift and bigger wheels and tires, steps or running boards become even more necessary. The dilemma is that most steps or running boards that actually sit at a useful height will generally detract from te aesthetics of the truck. The Power Step is a retracktable step that is there when you need it, but retracts up out of sight when you don't. We tested the Power Step on our 2007 Dodge 3500 DRW Long Bed Mega Cab







The Power Step is a powdercoated aluminum step that is mounted to two hinged "arms" that attach to the underside of any truck or SUV. One of the arms is equipped witha weatherproofed electric motor that extends or retracts the step in about one second. The motor is wired into the vehicle's wiring harness, so when you open a door on either side of the truck, the step extends immediately. When you shut the door, the step retracts. Amp research also offers an optional LED lighting system that will illuminate the step when the door is opened.


The steps are quiet and quick. By the time the door is open, the step is in place. There is no annoying delay or waiting for the step to move into place. The steps are very sturdy each step is rated to hold 600 lbs. If you and your rear seat passenger step on to a step at the same time, you won't notice. When the steps retract, they are competely concealed and out of sight, leaving the truck with a clean look and plenty of ground clearance. This kit came with excellent installation instructions. Light kit, which works great, too. We alson noticed that the product is precisely manufactured and made with high quality materials. We highly recommend this upgrade.



The only downside we've found is that the steps did gather snow and slush under our mega cab when we drove on snow-and slush-covered roads. When the snow and ice build up on the steps, they won't retract completely. Sometimes the steps would stop a few inches below the body of the truck. This is because the motors have an anti-pinch mechanism that stops them when they encounter reisitance. However, the upside to our downside is that the snow eventually melts off and the steps resume their normal position and function once again with no problem.

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