Project LBMC

Published in the February 2009 Issue February 2009 Build, Cummins

We chose the BD Diesel Performance exhaust brake for this application. BD actually pioneered exhaust brake kits for pick up trucks. They offer a brake for the exhaust elbow, just behind the turbo for stock applications or an in-line mounted brake to be used with larger aftermarket or twin turbos. We decided the in-line brake was our best option, as we will not be keeping our stock turbo on the LBMC.

Our 2007 truck is pre-wired for the factory offered Jacob's Exhaust brake and BD has engineered their kit to work directly with the Dodge ECM so that the truck can use it's computer to control brake activation automatically during idle for quicker engine warm up. When equipped with an automatic transmission, the ECM will also control torque converter lock up in order to get the best connection to the road through the drivetrain. It also disengages the brake and unlocks the torque converter after the truck has slowed to 25 mph to allow you to bring the truck to a complete stop. The ECM also releases the brake as the transmission automatically downshifts through the gears and engages the brake after each shift has been completed. Dodge did a great job with the electronics in this department. The ECM controls the brake and converter lock up on 2006 and newer Dodge trucks. However, those of us with older trucks are not left out. For older,1994-2005 trucks BD offers an AutoLoc controller that automatically controls the torque converter for you when the brake is applied. It provides lock up in 3rd and 4th gear in order to provide the most positive connection to the asphalt. If you really want to get serious, BD offers a TowLoc controller which allows you to modernize and fine tune your the way your transmission behaves under different circumstances with a laptop computer.

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