Project LBMC

Published in the February 2009 Issue February 2009 Build, Cummins

Our project Long Bed Mega Cab (LBMC), formerly a 2007 Dodge Mega Cab DRW 3500, has its long bed conversion, 22.5" Alcoa rims and all-steel tires, Air Lift air springs and wireless air compressor, Pop Up Industries gooseneck hitch, BD stainless dual 4" exhaust, BD Steering Box Stabilizer, and Bilstein HD shocks. It has become an excellent tow rig. The 20" longer-than-stock wheel base makes the LBMC tow amazingly well. After driving and towing with this truck, 1-ton and 3/4 ton trucks feel like 1/2 tons, especially when towing. So, now that we're well on our way with this civilized beast we've created, it's time to add some engine braking power.

A turbo diesel engine does not have the engine braking characteristic that a gasoline engine does because the turbo feeds a never ending supply of air to the engine at all times. Whereas, a gasoline engines air supply is limited by the butterfly valves of the carburetor or fuel injection intake. Engine braking can on a diesel engine can be achieved by restricting the exhaust flow after the turbo. This limits the exhaust leaving the engine, which restricts turbo speed and creates engine back pressure. An engine brake will help to slow and control our heavy loads as well as conserve our service brakes dramatically. Engine brakes can also be used as the engine idles in cold weather to get the engine up to operating temperature more quickly.

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