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Published in the February 2009 Issue February 2009 Feature, News

SEMA Show is the one place for manufacturers, distributors and dealers to connect. While manufacturers get their chance to introduce new products to the market, many view SEMA Show as an opportunity to strut their stuff, and the product showcase vehicles become rolling works of art. It's the one time of the year we at Diesel Tech get to feel what it's like to stare at a $120,000 truck that will never see a dirt road or trailer coupler.

1) This may have been our favorite new product at SEMA Show. It's the UBI intake from Airaid. If you've ever tried to retrofit an intake onto an aftermarket turbo on your truck, you will appreciate what this product can do in terms of making your life easier. Elbows, straight tubes, clamps and filters, the UBI (U Build It) system lets you build an intake for any application.

2) Dick Cepek's Crusher tire and DC-1 wheels make for a mean sled pulling setup.

3) This is Cooper Tires' never-flat military tire. With all of the attention put on maintaining proper air pressure in the tires of our cars, trucks and SUVs, you'd think something like this that would never loose pressure might have a place in the consumer market.

4) Falken doesn't make any truck tires, but we didn't pass up their booth.

5) SPAL is best known for electric fans, but the company's latest product offering is a color camera and monitor kit. The cameras can be mounted anywhere, so backing up to trailers, watching for curbs, keeping an eye on security. anything you want.

6) Sunpro offers gauges for any diesel truck application. Check out the full line at

7) We've been looking for an over-the-wheel bed side box like this one from Dee Zee's Specialty Series line.

8) Thule has some pretty elaborate commercial truck accessories that offer endless bed storage and cargo management possibilities.

9) Transfer Flow's newest tank is an in-bed auxiliary 40-gallon tank that fits beneath a Pace Edwards retractable bed cover.

10) If you hate the process of having to check the operation of your trailer's lights each time you hook up, Valley's new trailer light monitor system plugs in between your vehicle and the trailer and shows which lights are functioning through this monitor unit.

11) It's amazing how much fuel capacity Titan Tanks is able to add to most diesel pickups. This new tank for crew cab long bed Ford Super Dutys holds 67 gallons of fuel.

12) Rolling Big Power offers everything from truck grilles to air intakes.

13) If you tow valuable stuff, you probably already have a set of Rock Tamers for your truck's receiver hitch.

14) The Toyota girls were back for this year's show, but the Tundra diesel concept truck was pushed to Toyota's outside display. We almost would have rather had the diesel truck on display. Almost.

15) In the livestock industry, something like this is known for getting dead cattle off the ground and onto the flatbed. This is a much better design likely for a much better purpose. The Ezy-Lift hydraulic arm/winch system can make an awkward loading situation as simple as pressing a button.

16) You can tell which tire companies are involved with F1 racing.

17) The diesel industry in late 2008 could be summed up in one phrase: fuel economy. Edge Products' Mileage Max fits that focus.

18) SEMA fodder.

19) BD Diesel Performance's new Ford 6.4L Power Stroke Air Scoop replaces the factory side emblems on Super Duty trucks and directs air into the intake. The product won Best New Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product at the show.

20) Forget the powdered metal rods, Crower's radial beam rods can handle anything you can make a Power Stroke engine do.

21) What your black Duramax would look like if you shopped at the Dee Zee store.

22) BD Power's Super B twin turbo kits are outstanding. How do we know? We've been running one on our LBMC project truck for nearly a year.

23) Advanced Filtration Systems, or aFe, has expanded from offering air intakes to full exhaust systems and now intercoolers.

24) B&W Hitches' new chrome Tow & Stow receiver hitch compliments the company's black line of hitches.

25) This is one of our favorite new products from the show. It's a step with built-in storage. There are a few different options available for doors and capacities, but it's a good place to put a Hi-Lift jack, tow rope and jumper cables. The Rocker Pod hangs down about two inches lower than normal nerf bars.

26) PPE Performance's Dual Fueler on a LMM Duramax.

27) Volant's intake for new Ford Super Dutys makes the most out of the factory side emblem.

28) Banks is going after the 6.0L Power Stroke market. The PowerPack System adds 100 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque.

29) Automotive Racing Products' head stud kits are synonymous with high-boost modified engines. Either you run them or you break stuff.

30) Silverline had this fully polished dual exhaust system on display at SEMA, showing off what the bottom of your truck could look like if you wanted it to.

31) Toyo Tires' booth marketing program.

32) K&N released a new intake for the 6.4L Power Stroke.

33) Nitrous Express offers complete nitrous systems ready for diesel applications, like this dual-stage diesel system.

34) ATS has released a new natural gas conversion system. The Torque Pro Plus CNG kit turns your diesel engine into a CNG-operated system. Don't worry, if you run out of natural gas, the engine will still run on diesel. CNG offers reduced engine noises, improved fuel economy and lower pollutants.

35) DinoFuel Alternatives offers vegetable oil biodiesel systems for diesel trucks. It released its Vegistroke system for 94-07 Power Strokes three years ago.

36) FASS offers other products along with the popular fuel air separation systems, like the Cummins replacement pump for 98.5-02 24v engines. The replacement pump flows 33 percent better.

37) AEM has jumped into the water/methanol injection business with a complete system designed to lower EGTs and increase horsepower.

38) Injen Technology offers intake systems for Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke diesel trucks. The intakes feature AmsOil filters.

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