Throttle Down Kustoms Bumper Install

Published in the December 2008 Issue December 2009 Installs

As more and more magazines seem to hit the shelf these days, it's no surprise that readers can find just about anything they are looking for. In the world of diesel trucks, I treat these magazines that I see and read like the Bible. When I need a product, or just an idea, I usually find myself thumbing through the pages of one or two issues trying to find something that catches my eye. The last few issues of Diesel Tech Magazine have been very informative and have had a ton of new products that the editors have either tested or are in the process of testing and will produce results in a follow-up issue. Reading about these products and getting real life results are what, in my opinion, attract people not only to the magazine, but to the aftermarket industry. Let's face the facts: stock sucks!

Throttle Down Kustoms, located in Moore, MT, have been on the scene for over three years now. Jeremy Pulse, the shop's owner, said they started out making jeep frames and building custom parts for all things off-road. His attention to detail and his pursuit to create the strongest, most efficient, and best-looking frames led him into his bumper designs for just about anything on four wheels. The front bumper which Jeremy calls Mayhem was one of those images that caught my eye while I was studying the pages of Diesel Tech. I knew I had to have this bumper for my latest project and thought it would make a great install article for the magazine.

Once I arrived at Throttle Down Kustoms I was met by Jeremy and his crew. Dusty Deupree, Jeremy's long-time friend and pro welder, and Tyler Bartelt were both waiting on me to bring the truck inside to start the install. This is what went down.

Jeremy wasting no time removing the stock front bumper. Since the new Throttle Down Kustoms bumper was designed to bolt right up to the factory mounts, there were no modifications needed for the install.

Jeremy and Tyler working together to line up the bolt holes. As you can see, all the PIAA off-road lights were already installed in the bumper with all the necessary connecters to make hooking everything up a simply process.

Jeremy lining up the bumper's bolt holes to the factory mounts.

With the bumper bolted on, the wiring begins.

Once all the wiring from the lights were neatly routed up near the firewall, the TDK crew went back over everything up to this point, making sure all connections were solid and ready for the next step.

Tyler carefully cutting away the front fender to match the new bumper.

We made the decision to mount the toggles down low near the center console for easy access and for a unique look.

The rear bumper went on as easily as the front. The bolt holes lined up perfectly, and the wiring was a simple procedure.

Here you can see the bolts mounted in the factory holes as well as the 4" back up lights wired and ready for use.

The rear bumper all completed. Notice the lines and the overall look of these bumpers. The attention to detail right down to the powder coating really sets these bumpers apart from the competition.

While Jeremy and Tyler were finishing up with the last minute details on the truck, Dusty was hard at it grinding on another bumper. It was amazing to watch these guys and I was super impressed with their professionalism and work ethic.

The install took about 5 hours to complete. The TDK crew worked non-stop from the moment I got there. The bumpers gave the truck a whole new look plus a level of security when driving down the road. Style and function, my two main goals with any product that bolts to this truck. Well done guys!


Throttle Down Kustoms


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