Dyno Day

Filter Change?

Published in the August 2008 Issue August 2008 News

It's only a week away, but we still want to invite you to the Custom Auto Dyno Day (sponsored by Diesel Tech Magazine) June 27-28 in Idaho Falls, ID. Winning trucks from the different classes will be shown in the pages of Diesel Tech (we may even find a few feature trucks there).

For more information, go to www.dieseltechmag.com.

If you need a reminder to change your fuel filter regularly, this is it. This fuel filter came off a used truck we added to our fleet. From the looks of it, the filter had exceeded its 15,000-mile change interval and was closing in on double that. We cut the filter apart to inspect the elements-a good way to get more insight on what a used vehicle has been through maintenance-wise. Normally, a filter changed at 15,000 miles would still have some yellow element surface visible, but this one was caked black with large particles of debris on it. Dirty fuel filters can cause all sorts of problems on a diesel engine, from hampering fuel economy and performance to causing erratic transmission shifting and even trigger limp modes on some makes. As a side note, we also recommend carrying a spare filter and the necessary tools to change one in the truck at all times. You never know when you might get bad fuel from a filling station.

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