Motul launches TEKMA line for diesel engines

January 2022 Products

Motul, the French oil company founded in 1853, announced its TEKMA line of heavy-duty lubricants for diesel engines. Formulated to address the most demanding conditions with zero compromise in performance, Motul TEKMA engine oils are designed to deliver enhanced fuel economy and power, maximum engine protection and extended drain intervals.

“The Motul TEKMA line builds on our 168 years of lubricating experience to meet the extreme demands of both light-duty/passenger diesel trucks and heavy-duty on- and off-road diesel engine markets, including stationary engine applications in power generation,” said Motul USA Brand Manager Nolan Browning. “We’re thrilled to bring TEKMA to our commercial customers and consumers in the U.S. and Canada.”

TEKMA ULTIMA+ 10W-40 is a 100% synthetic diesel engine lubricant for the latest generations of turbo diesel engines with DPF systems. Formulated to withstand the most demanding conditions, ULTIMA+ features extreme oil film strength for superior additive and viscosity retention with dispersant and antioxidants to prevent soot build-up and oil filter clogging. The superior detergent package helps keep pistons cleaner and control deposits, while extending drain interval potential versus mineral and semi-synthetic oils.

TEKMA FUTURA+ 10W-30 is a low-SAPS Technosynthese diesel engine oil designed for the latest generation of trucks running with low-sulfur fuel (≤ 50 ppm). Designed for high-performance heavy-duty diesel engines, FUTURA+ delivers improved pumpability in cold climates and better circulation of oil during extended idling. The lower viscosity also decreases engine wear at start up and improves fuel economy by up to 3% as compared to 15W-40.

TEKMA MEGA+ 15W40 is a mineral diesel engine lubricant designed for the latest generation of truck engines running with low-sulfur fuel (≤ 50 ppm). MEGA+ features excellent resistance to shearing to keep oil viscosity consistent and provide extended drain interval capability while maintaining engine longevity. MEGA+ is the perfect option for use as a universal oil for fleets consisting of both new and older generation diesel engines.

The Motul TEKMA line meets and exceeds the leading engine manufactures’ specifications with the latest API CK-4 technology and is fully backward compatible to all previous API standards. Motul TEKMA ULTIMA+, FUTURA+ and MEGA+ are available in five-liter bottles, 20-liter jerrycans, 208-liter drums, 1,000-liter containers, and in bulk.

Motul also has a selection of additives for complete diesel engine care and maintenance, including Engine Clean, Hydraulic Lifter Care, Diesel System Clean and DPF Clean (Canada only). Information on the full line of Motul lubricant offerings is available at

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