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November 2021 Products

Ever since extreme turbo engines hit the scene, engine builders have been searching for a better way to hold intake charge pipes and other pressurized plumbing on their engines together. Traditional silicone couplers can blow apart as the boost climbs, and other methods like welding the pipes together are no good because the welds will crack and fail as the engine flexes.

Vibrant Performance HD Clamp Assemblies securely join two pipes together in applications making up to 800 PSI of static boost pressure. The clamps are also flexible, allowing up to 12 degrees of telescopic and angular movement to withstand all the flexing and vibration your high-power mill can dish out.

Made from 6061 billet aluminum, Vibrant Performance HD Clamp Assemblies are a modular design with these parts:

• One pair of aluminum weld barrels with specialized O-rings that keep even minute amounts of boost from escaping
• Hard anodized union sleeve that joins the weld barrels together to create a leak-proof seal
• Hinged, quick-release clamp that wraps around the assembly to hold it together
• Stainless steel locking pin to hold the hinged clamp closed

Vibrant Performance HD Clamp Assemblies are available to fit pipes from two to five inches in diameter in your choice of anodized blue, anodized black, and mirror polished finishes. For more information about these innovative clamps, check out this Vibrant Performance video:

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