Bring the Heat to Unstick and Remove Stubborn Parts

November 2021 Products

When everything else fails to unstick stubborn fasteners and other parts, generations of mechanics have broken out the oxy-acetylene torch, aka the heat wrench. As much fun as a torch can be, it’s not very precise and the open flame has a tendency to damage the areas around the component you want to remove. 

Fortunately, there is a better way. Induction Innovations created tools that use induction heating to remove stuck or corroded parts. The tools use replaceable coils that generate high-frequency magnetic fields to quickly apply precise, consistent heat to electrically conductive materials like steel and aluminum. This process also safely releases the bond of adhesives used to hold trim, glass, decals and vinyl graphics, and even spray-on bedliners to metal. This Induction Innovations video shows how its induction heat tools work.

Summit Racing carries Induction Innovations induction heating tools that are ideal for home shop and professional use including these:

  Mini-Ductor Venom and Venom HP
The Mini-Ductor Venom  and Venom HP induction heat tools are powerful enough to heat a big 3/4 inch diameter nut red-hot in seconds. Designed to heat ferrous metals like steel and cast iron, the Venom HP has an ‘Intelligent cooling’ system that extends the tool’s duty-cycle time, plus a fault monitor that automatically shuts down the tool to protect it from damage due to overheating. 

The Mini-Ductor Venom is rated at 1,000 watts and the Venom HP is rated at 1,800 watts. They  come with a preformed coil to remove fasteners, a U-form coil you can shape to fit parts the preformed coil can’t, and a Bearing Buddy coil to remove parts like frozen oxygen sensors, ball joints, and tie-rod ends. 

Mini-Ductor coils are built to last around 200 uses and should be replaced when they start to look worn. Summit Racing carries replacement coils in multiple sizes and lengths plus the Mini-Pads for removing decals, graphics, pinstripes, emblems, and body side moldings. 

 Inductor Max
Rated at 2,000 watts, the Inductor Max runs on 120 volt household current but is more powerful than similar tools that require 240 volts. That’s enough power to remove body side molding and pinstriping in seconds, quarter glass in less than three minutes, and windshields in less than 12 minutes. The Inductor Max comes with these accessories:

The U-Series Concentrator heats all types of hardware red-hot in seconds and removes body caulking, seam sealers, and hail dents in sheetmetal. 
The U-Series Glass Blaster removes bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives, and spray-on bedliners.
The U-Series Fast-Off pad removes stripes, vinyl graphics, body side moldings, etc. with no need for messy solvents to remove adhesive from metal surfaces.
rosebud attachment to debond heavy-gauge steel panels, stress-relieve frame rails, and anneal aluminum.

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