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November 2021 Products

Exergy has announced the release of their Diesel Fuel Additive.

Exergy Performance Diesel Additive (in both Summer and Winter blends) provides the ultimate in protection and longevity for diesel injectors and fuel pumps by: increasing the fuel’s lubricity to exceed the recommendations of the Engine Manufacturer’s Association; providing exceptional protection against corrosion; internally cleaning components; separating moisture for more thorough removal; and stabilizing the fuel.  It increases cetane up to five points for improved power and economy while also reducing particulates for fewer regens. By enhancing combustion, several users have reported fuel economy gains above 10%. 

All of these benefits are included in a Winter blend that prevents fuel line freeze up down to -40° F, and diesel gelling down to -65°F, by reducing paraffin wax precipitation.  The improved combustion eases cold starts and reduces “cold smoke” during warm-ups.

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