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October 2021 Products Web Exclusive

Don’t mess around when you build brake lines, power steering, or even nitrous oxide. Go with Fragola’s 6000 Series PTFE-lined hose. They can handle corrosive and high pressure fluids that can quickly kill ordinary rubber hose, even the stainless braided stuff. PTFE hose also resists higher temperatures than rubber and does not suffer from fuel permeation that will quickly degrade and dry out rubber hose. You can get 6000 Series PTFE-lined stainless hoses with or without a clear or black cover to prevent the stainless braid from scratching or scuffing parts the hose contacts. 

PTFE hose is not as flexible as rubber or stainless braided rubber hose and requires hose ends like Fragola’s Real Street PTFE Hose Ends to create a good seal. They feature a miniature “olive” that retains the hose inside of the fitting for a tight seal. You can reuse the fittings over and over by replacing the olives with new ones. The Real Street hose ends also have a double-swivel design that allows you to clock them for a clean installation.  

Fragola 6000 Series PTFE hose and Real Street hose ends are available in -4, -6, -8, -10, and -12 AN sizes. You can also get the clear- or black-covered 6000 Series hose assemblies with factory-installed -4 AN fittings. 

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