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Bullet Proof Diesel continues to expand

August 2021 Feature Brady L. Kay

This article will appear in our September 2021 issue.

To be bulletproof or impenetrable to bullets is to be invincible and while there is no secret sauce to truly make your diesel truck unbreakable, the team of engineers at Bullet Proof Diesel is constantly striving to manufacture products that will get you close.

Bullet Proof Diesel owners Ken and Gene Neal are brothers who solved the issues of the 6.0L Ford instead of avoiding them and in return have established themselves as the “go-to” for Power Strokes.   

“The 6.0L is not a ‘Bullet Proof Diesel’ engine unless four of the five main pattern failures are addressed with genuine Bullet Proof Diesel parts,” explained Gene. “Back in 2008, we developed and installed the first solution to the chronic EGR cooler failures experienced on the 6.0L/VT365 platform. Shortly thereafter, we invented and patented our well-known oil cooler solution for the same engine. We knew we needed a great name to represent our line of products, so we developed and trademarked Bullet Proof Diesel to denote and represent our brand.”

Shop Visit

Earlier in the year – and before the state reached its boiling point from the extreme summer heat – we made a trip to the Arizona desert to see what Bulletproof Diesel was up to at its Mesa headquarters. Prior to our visit, Bullet Proof Diesel had just completed its RAM 6.7L EGR cooler coverage on 6.7L trucks ranging from 2008 to 2020. That’s not a small feat, especially for a company best known for saving Power Strokes.

“We build a lot of EGR coolers, oil coolers and focus a lot on the 6.0L diesel where we’ve grown to include 6.7L Power Strokes as well and we’re now moving forward with Cummins,” explained John Risch, the Bullet Proof Diesel sales manager. “The 6.7L RAM is really starting to take off for us.” 

The impressive part about the wide range of EGR coolers now being offered for Power Strokes, Cummins and Duramax engines is they’re all completely manufactured in-house.

H-Core Technology

While Bullet Proof Diesel continues to develop new products, its EGR coolers with its H-Core technology will continue to be the backbone for the manufacturer. The patented H-Core Technology reduces/eliminates fatigue and heat stress failure by allowing the natural expansion and contraction of cooling tubes inside the EGR cooler, which limits structural failure. The H-Core construction also increases the surface area of the coolant tubes within the EGR coolers.

Why Not Just Delete It?

Designed to make diesel engines more reliable, Bullet Proof EGR coolers are built to be the last EGR cooler your truck ever needs. Those with EGR problems might believe an EGR delete is the only solution, but it’s not that simple. If you stop to consider why your EGR cooler failed you’ll realize you need a better solution and that’s what Bullet Proof Diesel has been doing for years. Not only is it recommended that you don’t delete your EGR cooler, it’s also illegal in all 50 states if you do as all vehicles are required to meet federal emissions standards. The technology behind their EGR coolers makes it extremely reliable and the direct-fit, fully-functioning Bullet Proof EGR cooler is a dramatic upgrade over OEM.

Beyond EGR Coolers

While Bullet Proof may be best known for its EGR coolers, the long list of other aftermarket products being offered for all diesel brands continues to grow, including oil coolers, fuel injection control modules (FICM), water pumps and even a line of antennas. As we toured its facility that includes 30 plus employees ranging from engineers and manufacturers to sales and support staffs, it was amazing just how many products are being directly shipped from it location on a regular basis. Plus the three full-time technicians stay busy with installs on customer vehicles as well as product testing inside the shop.

Smash It

And of course no visit to Bullet Proof Diesel would be complete without seeing something smashed by its Chieftain tank—you know: the one they bought for “marketing purposes” years ago? The proof they use it to highlight their business can be found in countless online videos of it smashing just about everything you can think of. We concluded our visit by watching the tank roll over a pair of 55-gallon drums and then spraying the parking lot with hummus after two cans exploded after being crushed. We thought it was a fun ending to the day but to the Bullet Proof Diesel team it was just another day at the office.

Bullet Proof Diesel

4245 E. Palm Street
Mesa, AZ


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