Safely Tow Your Trailers

July 2021 Products Web Exclusive

Whether you're trailering a race car to the track or towing a camper on vacation, having the right hitch is essential. Hitches from Bulletproof Hitch are built to such a high standard that the company boasts they have never had a single failure. 

Bulletproof builds its hitches from solid steel to ensure maximum strength and towing capacity. All components are machined in-house on state-of-the-art Haas CNC machines for extremely tight tolerances. This is important because it ensures that everything fits together without slop or excessive movement when towing. The hitches are finished in Bulletproof’s durable, corrosion-resistant black textured powdercoat.

  Medium-Duty Drop/Rise Hitches
Bulletproof Medium-Duty Class 4 Hitches are designed to be used in various drop or rise amounts to work with different truck and trailer tongue heights. 

Medium-Duty Hitches are fitted with an adjustable mount that includes a two-ball platform. It fits in the hitch’s adjustable channel and is welded to a solid steel platform for all-out strength and stability. The two-inch boxed steel shanks have rounded edges so they go in and out of receivers easily, plus two pin holes to adjust how far the hitches stick out. 

Another great feature of the Medium Duty Drop/Rise Hitches is that they maintain the same weight capacity when used in the drop or rise position, allowing you to use every bit of the 2,000-pound tongue/14,000-pound towing capacity regardless of the towing configuration. 

Additional product features include:
• Easily adjustable drop/rise amounts between 4" to 6" in height
• Adjustable ball mount with 2" and 2-5/16" hitch balls
• 1/4" thick steel channel plates and 3/8" thick full-length steel gusset 
• Shank includes 1.5" of steel beyond the last pin hole to completely fill the receiver
• Available for 2" and 2.5" receivers


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