DT Tested No. 47

ICON Vehicle Dynamics

July 2021 Feature Clyde Turner

This article originally appeared in the May 2021 issue.

A new lift kit on our F350 Soup Project truck allowed us to bring in some stellar new wheels for the rig. While black wheels may look really cool, in a way it’s kind of becoming cliché to have those on a white truck. We ended up breaking away from tradition and went with the titanium ICON Rebound wheels, and their color fits very well with our Ford build. More importantly, however, these wheels sport a bold new look and add some incredible strength and handling. We chose the wheels to improve the form and function of our one-ton truck, as they feature sharp lines, a concave spoke design, and “ICON- optimized” dimensions.

Although the price tag isn’t for every budget, the wheels looked great on the ICON website and look even better in person. They’re the kind of wheels that are great for driving around town and on the highway as well as off-road. The larger diameter wheels also improve the looks. The bigger improvement they made for our truck, though, were the tires that could go with them. We had additional options to choose from that could improve tire clearance from the body, and the whole setup couldn’t have worked out better.

With all said and done, the overall fit and finish of these wheels is impressive, and while there are many wheels out there that are better suited for abuse from non-asphalt surfaces, this setup with the new tires will still work just fine when the truck goes off the beaten path. The undercarriage is just better rounded now for varying types of surfaces as the truck sees plenty of time on the hard surfaces. Let’s be honest: those other rims and tires we tried on this build basically almost looked like those you’d see on a construction loader or even a farm tractor. That type of setup is good if you do a ton of off-roading, but it’s always wise to consider what you spend most of your time doing with your truck before you make your investment in wheels and tires.

Products 95

Application 19/20

Function 46/50

Durability 10/10

Design 9/10

Price 8/10


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