Professional Angler And His Truck

May 2021 Video Web Exclusive

You bought a truck for a reason, now you can use its full potential. Whether it is for work or play, a Bully Dog performance programmer will help you get more performance out of your truck.

John McCutchan, a Professional Angler, pushes his truck to the limit every day. He relies on his Bully Dog tuner to give him the torque required to pull his boat from lake to lake and easily out of the boat ramp. An added benefit is an increase in horsepower and like John says "who doesn't want or need extra horsepower".

Watch the video below and learn from John why you should run with the pack

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November 2021

In the time of trailer-queen show trucks we regularly see at diesel performance shows and events across the country it is great to come across one that looks like a show truck, works as a farm truck, and flies like a race truck.

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