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May 2021 Products Web Exclusive

Look around your truck and you’ll see accessory switches everywhere. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to group many of these accessories into one ‘switch central’ that lets control them wirelessly with a smartphone or similar device?

The brains at Garmin had the same thought and developed the PowerSwitch Accessory Power Controller. This compact digital switch box offers convenient, centralized control of up to six 12V electrical accessories like light bars, horns, stereo systems, air compressors, differential locks, and more. You can easily program and controll those accessories through your smartphone or other compatible devices like Garmin Tread or Overlander navigation units via Bluetooth.

The PowerSwitch’s tiny 5 x 3 x 1 inch size lets you stick it virtually anywhere, so there’s no need to cut up your dash, route wires through the firewall, or lose valuable visibility. Plus, it won’t interfere with your vehicle’s other electronic systems.

Other product features include:
 IPX7 weather resistant
 All switch outputs rated up to 30 amps each
 Tailor on-screen switch panels with customizable labels, icons, channel groups, and controls for dimming and flashing of lighting systems on the display 
 Add up to four Garmin PowerSwtich boxes and control them from the same display
 Pair with a Garmin Tread navigation device to create automated smart switches that can turn on accessories based on vehicle speed and/or time of day
 Power cable, ground cable, terminals, and instruction booklet included

Check out the video below to learn more!

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