CURT Puck System Gooseneck Kit

May 2021 Feature Colin Peterson

This article originally appeared in the April 2021 issue.

Here we have one of the best gooseneck hitch kits on the market that truly does what it says. We used this kit to outfit our F350 Soup Project for heavy towing, and it sure makes our life easier as we haul a giant trailer full of sleds and side-by-sides. At first it was difficult to tell from the product description just how well this kit would work for our F350 Power Stroke, but it offered plenty to meet our expectations. When we got our hands on it, the safety hooks went in fairly snug. However, that’s probably a good thing, as you don’t want those breaking loose en route! Otherwise, the kit’s components easily dropped into the pucks on our bed, and our F350 was ready to haul!

The chain is extremely robust, and that really makes this kit an excellent (and less expensive) alternative to the Ford kit you can buy from your local dealer, because it’s at least equally as good if not better. While the hitch does need to be lubricated every now and then with a little WD-40, it’ll lock in place easily and securely with no problems, thanks to the quarter-turn latch lock. We really dig the highly durable powder-coated finish on the chain anchors, giving us the confidence that these anchors are really going to hold up.

The included storage case is also durable and keeps the ball, chain anchors and rubber hole cover together and well-protected for easy storage, making this kit a great deal for the roughly $215 price tag. It’s also helpful the case is compact enough that it can be stored inside the cab or bed toolbox to keep everything easily on hand whenever you need it. All said and done, this is a great kit to go with, especially if you’re just getting started with gooseneck towing. Whether you’re hauling small construction or farm equipment, motorized toys, hay bales, horse trailers, or anything else, this kit will serve you well and won’t let you down.

Application 18/20

Function 40/50

Durability 10/10

Design 9/10

Price 9/10


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