Texas White Out

This Rig Is Lit…Literally.

April 2021 Feature Colin Peterson

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2020 issue.

High above the ground – and the perfect color for this time of year – is a show-quality truck that is almost completely white, minus the tires and wheels and some other smaller parts of the truck. Still, it’ll easily fade away into a background that’s covered in snow, unless of course you’re from a region not known for winter white outs.

As far as a wintry feeling and vibe goes, it doesn’t stop at the outside of the truck. The inside will make you feel like you’re in winter heaven with its white stars on the ceiling. It might also give you that feeling of a more upscale ski lodge with its leather seats and tan and black color scheme. However, snow it not likely in the forecast for the owner of a 6.7L Cummins 2020 RAM 2500 who lives in east Texas.


Lane Farquhar, who owns this big white RAM, lives in Needville, about an hour outside of Houston. His life is all about lights and electrical add-ons, as he sells lights and install kits as a side business, while also attending school to be able to work as an electrical substation lineman.

“I’m into marketing and advertisement with social media like on SnapChat and Instagram where companies pay me to post stuff and advertise for them,” he says. “I’ll probably keep all that going and the rock light business once I get hired on with the company I went to school for.”

Lane’s white RAM is a Limited Edition model, which explains its more upscale interior. Lane bought the truck brand-new and has owned it for over a year. He worked very hard to be able to own this beast, as he spent prior years working as a bulldozer operator.

“It’s my daily driver, and I use it for shows,” Lane says. “The truck’s unique character helps it stand out from the crowd.”

Even though we’ve been enduring a global pandemic for almost a year now, the white RAM has still been able to do its time at several shows, including Lonestar Throwdown, the Texas Hold’Em Truck Show, Houston Autorama, the Houston Dub Show, the Showoff Custom Truck & Car Show and Battle of the Alamo. The truck doesn’t see a whole lot of heavy use (and that may be understandable for a show truck), though it is still used for several truck-specific tasks.

“Honestly, I use the truck for everything,” the owner adds. “I haul basically everyday stuff with it and nothing too heavy, basically anything you’d do with a normal truck. I’ll take trips to go deer hunting and I haul my side-by-sides and other toys. That’s pretty much it.”

Body & Interior Work

The full color-matching of the exterior was completed by plainANsimple, a body shop in Pasadena, Texas, along with powder coating from Coatings by Coates based in Houston. The starry interior is all thanks to the Starlight Headliner LED roof headliner lights (they also include two shooting stars).

“For the color scheme, I wanted something that was super clean with a lot of white and a little shine,” Lane says. “I didn’t want anything too rich to stand out like the color of my last RAM build, but I was still looking for some outstanding brilliance on the truck.” Sometimes not using rich colors is the way to go with a truck build, especially if it reflects your personality.

Performance Upgrades

The body work and color scheme aren’t the only aspects that make this truck unique. No engine upgrades have been done yet on the rig, which makes sense for a brand-new truck that’s still under warranty. However, the undercarriage adds so much personality on top of performance to the truck. The snowy white body sits on an 8-inch McGaughy’s suspension with 24-inch American Force Concave Series wheels wrapped in 33-inch Fury Country Hunter M/T tires. The lift, wheels, and tires were installed by Allout Offroad Performance, a truck accessories shop with five locations in greater Houston.

“Most of the work on my truck was done entirely by outside shops, but I have deals and sponsorships with several of these companies that did the work, so that helped me there,” Lane says. “The rock lights, though, I did myself.”

Looking Ahead

This rig is extremely accomplished, so at least for now, Lane looks at keeping his new 6.7L Cummins the way it is for the foreseeable future, and he plans to keep using it for the same activities.

“This truck has a stellar ride despite being tall and too big for a fast food drive-thru as well as not being able to see anything from the hood,” he laughs. “As far as future plans go, I’ll probably keep taking it to shows. At Lonestar Throwdown I was in the American Force booth and in most of the other ones I was in the Allout Offroad booth. That was definitely a lot of fun.”

Lane worked very hard to get the truck to where it is now and continues working hard to keep it squeaky-clean for shows. Builds are cool, but they’re a very involved process, and the owner boasts some wise words for those looking to do any build similar to his.

“My biggest pointer is to have patience, because no matter how hard you try to plan out building a truck it will never go exactly as planned,” he says. “Take your time and build it the right way. Don’t cut corners because later on you’ll regret it and have to redo things. I will tell you it is fun overall though, so enjoy the process.”

It makes a lot of sense coming from someone with plenty of prior build experience. That all being said, of course, we all hope to gain an upper hand on the COVID-19 pandemic sooner rather than later so more of these events can happen again for people like Lane to showcase their hard work!


Allout Offroad Performance

American Force Wheels

Coatings by Coates

Fury Offroad Tires

McGaughy's Suspension


Starlight Headliner

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