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April 2021 Products

Why settle for a leveling kit that gives you just one height choice, take it or leave it? A ProRyde leveling kit is adjustable so you can choose the height that best fits your truck and how you use it.

LIFTMachine Front Leveling Kits

Most leveling kits are not adjustable—the height you see is the height you get, and your truck may or may not actually be leveled perfectly. The ProRyde LIFTMachine for trucks with MacPherson strut or coil spring front suspensions features an adjustable helix drive system that makes it a snap to set the exact height required to level your truck or SUV. You can adjust the height from 1.5 to 3 inches (depending on model) right on the vehicle using standard 1/2 inch drive sockets and wrenches. A large diameter jam nut securely locks in adjustments.

The LIFTMachine installs on the top of the strut assembly so there is no time-consuming strut disassembly. That also means there is no coil spring “preload” that can mess up ride comfort. 

The ProRyde LIFTMachine is ideal for adding fender clearance for larger wheels and tires or compensating for heavy equipment such as winches and snow plows. You keep your OEM ride quality, and the kit can be removed if desired—perfect for leased trucks. 

Duck Head Torsion Key Leveling Systems 

ProRyde Duck Head torsion key leveling systems can add from 2.25 to 3 inches of lift depending on the application. Unlike some other kits that have OEM-style torsion bar hex keys with a simple indexed or relocated hex, ProRyde completely redesigned the key and the adjustment system to allow a greater range of adjustment. The forged key body is stronger than OEM and is clearly marked for easy identification. All ProRyde Duck Head torsion key leveling systems include forged replacement drive system hardware featuring oversized diameter bolts with extra rounded tips to eliminate thread damage.

SuperBLOK 3-N-1 Rear Spring Blocks

ProRyde 3-N-1 SuperBLOK block kits for coil and leaf springs feature a patented design that lets you choose the amount of lift—1, 1.5, or 2 inches. The blocks have nine interlocking points of contact so they won’t slip or come out of alignment. The coil spring blocks are made from steel; the leaf spring blocks are made from cast iron and most include new U-bolts. 

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