Get To And Stay in the Outdoors

April 2021 Products Web Exclusive

You know which country camps and tows and off-roads almost as much as the US of A? Australia, the land of the walkabout. And where there is exploring, there is a need for trailer towing assistance for trucks that stray off the beaten path.

So it should be no surprise an Australian company makes products that address those issues. REDARC trailer brake controllers are designed to keep the lights on when you’re in the middle of the outback or at your favorite campground. 

The Tow-Pro Elite V3 gives you the option of two braking modes:

Proportional Mode is designed for on-highway towing. It applies the trailer brakes in proportion to the tow vehicle’s deceleration—the harder you apply the vehicle brakes, the harder the trailer will brake. You can adjust brake sensitivity to match varying trailer loads or driver braking preference. 

User Controlled Mode lets you set trailer brake sensitivity; the trailer will brake at that level regardless of how hard the tow vehicle brakes. This mode is ideal for off-road use or where you want precision control over your trailer brakes.
The Tow-Pro Elite V3 has a three-axis accelerometer that can measure acceleration in any direction and constantly monitors the direction of travel. That means you can mount the controller in any position or location and it will accurately apply the proper level of braking force. The Tow-Pro Elite V3’s control knob can be installed remotely from the controller itself. You can mount the controller box out of the way and mount the control knob on the dash or other convenient location. 

The Tow-Pro Elite V3 is compatible with electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes and 12- or 24-volt vehicle electrical systems. 

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